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Image_Attitude is everything by Jeff Keller

Your Attitude is Your Window to the World.

Attitude is like a mental window of your life. Through which you can see the world.

If you have a muddy window then you will face adversity in your life and blame your rotten luck.

In reality, the problem was not in your rotten luck. It was in your faulty imagination.

The best way to live your life is to keep cleaning your mental window.

Example:“Sara went to the coffee shop. A few minutes later, Sam walked into the same coffee shop. Sam sat down at a table a few feet away from Sara. The same waitress served Sara and Sam. Each customer waited about the same amount of time before the waitress took the order. Each of them received their meal around the same time but that’s where the similarities ended.

Sara had a delightful lunch and went back to work with a recharged battery. However, Sam was annoyed at how long it took for his meal to arrive. He complained about the food, and was furious when he did not get his check right away.”

You are a Human Magnet.

Like attract like, we all know that. It is same with the mind.

Your mind will attract the type of folk and circumstances, according to your dominant thought.

The thoughts you keep repeating in your mind throughout the day become your dominant thought. These thoughts lead your life, attracting similar folks and circumstances to you.

To develop a positive attitude. You have to change dominant thoughts but you cannot change thought by saying ten seconds positive talk and the remaining hours putting garbage in your mind.

A little positivity does not get the job done. Make a habit to think positive and constructive thought. It is the best way to change your faulty imagination or thought process.

Example: “If you constantly think about a particular goal, then you will take steps to move toward that goal. Let’s say Fred thinks he is capable of earning $30,000 per year. Like a human magnet, Fred will attract those employment opportunities that will move him in that direction. As long as Fred clings to that thought, he will reach his goal of earning $30,000 per year but he does not believe that he is really capable of earning that amount. In that case, Fred will not reach his income goal of $30,000.”

Picture your way to success.

Visualization is the powerful key to produce thought in reality.

Visualization is the process of creating a mental movie in your mind. It aids you to determine: type of relationship you want, a degree of success you want to achieve, the money you want to accumulate.

Unfortunately, we are not aware of it and playing the same mental movie from our childhood that ruins our life.

Make a Commitment and You Will Move Mountains.

To achieve something outstanding. You have to make a commitment.

Making commitment helps you to pave your way towards your destination, and through hard work and persistent you can grasp the goal you set.

Once you committed to achieving something huge. You will create a mental movie of your success, which in turn attract people, event, and circumstances that help you to reach your goals.

Example: “How Baldacci accomplishments and financial Achievements? It was the result of his total commitment to developing his talents as a writer. Baldacci wanted to become a best-selling novelist. Yet, at the outset, Baldacci knew that he did not have the necessary writing skills. So he made a commitment, to learn the craft of writing. For the first five years, he did not finish any of his projects. Every day, he just worked on characters, plot development, and other writing basics. After 10 years of writing, Baldacci had completed some short stories and a few screenplays. His total sales: ZERO. Then, in 1996, all of Baldacci’s efforts paid off. He received millions of dollars for the literary.”

Turn your Problems into Opportunities.

Adversity taught us to make certain changes in our life. In the meantime, we suffer from this changes but we do not know. It is blessing in disguise. Some habits you would accumulate through adversity.

      1. Adversity encourage us to make necessary changes in our life.
      2. Adversity aid you to withdraw hidden potential within you.
      3. Adversity teaches us to be grateful for the small things.
      4. Adversity teaches us to look world differently.
      5. Adversity helps us to build self-esteem and confidence.

Your worlds Blaze a Trails.

Do you think words can alter your life?

In reality, words have hidden potential in it.

The choice of words you made define your personality. Words have the ability to make your carrier or to destroy it. Depends upon the type of words you chose on daily basis.
Attitude is Everything words power
The first step to change your life is to look the words you used on the daily basis in fields: Relationship, finance, Career, and health.

Example: “Tom has a thought, ‘I am not very good when it comes to sales.’ Now, let’s remember that he does not have this thought only once. He is run it through his mind on a regular basis, maybe hundreds or thousands of times in his life.
This, in turn, strengthens his beliefs. You see, everything that you will achieve in your life flows from your beliefs. So, Tom develops the belief that he is not going to be successful in sales and that he will not earn much money. As Tom does not believe in his sales ability, he takes a very little action, or he takes actions that are not productive. He does not do the things that would be necessary to succeed in sales. Therefore, Tom gets very poor results.”

Stop Complaining.

How do you feel when someone (in your friend) pours all of his negativity onto you?

I know what you are thinking. You would never try to meet him again.

You should be aware of, the complaints you made. Complaints do not work in our favor instead of; it works against you in three ways.

      • No one wants to hear negativity.
      • Complains attract complains and it increased your pain.
      • Complain distract you from the constructive actions.

Associate with Positive People.

The folk you hang out with defining your future. That’s why. In childhood, our parents are much concern to meet with our friends. As they know, friends can greatly influence our life.

Example:“In high school, Mike spent a lot of time with a bunch of guys in his neighborhood. According to Mike, they had no goals and no dreams. They were always negative. Whenever Mike suggested they do something new, the others would discourage him. When Mike went off to college, he met new people who were positive, who wanted to learn, who wanted to achieve things. Mike decided to spend his time with the positive people. Almost immediately, Mike started to feel much better about himself. He developed a great attitude and now he set his own goal and in a few years later. He starts his new business.”

Confront Your Fears and Grow.

The road that leads to success is often filled with obstacles.

Ah! We have to walk bare feet on the road of pebbles.

That’s why most folks are afraid to do something great. As they become uncomfortable to walk on the road but the formula of true success is: “If you want to be successful, you must be willing to be uncomfortable.”

Stretch yourself. Adopt a mindset that helps you acquire what you want. Remember, repetition is the key, like any other muscle. It will build up and encourage you to do something great.

Get Out There and Fails.

To wear the crown of victory on your head!

You must be willing to be failed.

Successful folk knows to achieve something astounding. You must willing to fail and keep on doing something until you reached your destination.

Example:“She could not pay her credit card bills for 26 years. She moved 25 times looking for work. She was fired 18 times. She worked for 26 years before she earned an annual salary of $22,000. She occasionally lived on food stamps and slept in her car. Do you know who is she? She is a well-known TV talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael. You see, despite all of her setbacks, she refused to give up her childhood dream of a career in broadcasting. She was willing to keep failing until she succeeded.”

Networking that Gets Results.

Here are the ten golden rules, you should pin in your mind.

      1. Develop a win-win attitude.
      2. Effectively participate in a group or organization.
      3. Do not stop the flow of messages(keep in touch with each other peer).
      4. Become a good listener.
      5. Congrats folk for their accomplishment.
      6. Make new friends in your field.
      7. Do more for other.

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