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Beyond Order Summary

Beyond Order Book by Jordan Peterson

The author of best-selling book, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, Jordan Peterson is a psychology professor at the University of Toronto.

Simple Short Summary: Beyond order emphasizes that a chaos is necessary for creative invention and improvement and in this complex world, it’s also essential to find the social grounding and tell the right story to yourself.

Beyond Order Summary

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In this book, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, you’ll learn three lessons:

Lesson: A – Social signals guide you to understand the world around you

Lesson: B – Your Devastating Memories Of Past Can Stop You In Acquiring Your Future Goal

Lesson: C – The Story you narrate yourself will shape your actions and psyche

Lesson: A – Social signals guide you to understand the world around you

Psychologists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung believe that each person sits inside powerful psychological forces named id, ego, and superego. These forces communicate to one’s base urge and determine the personal identity and higher social calling.

This model provides meaningful insight but skips a lot. It omits the external components which mold your mind like your educational background, economic perspective, and social status.

We’re social animals, so the social world is essential for keeping us rational as we don’t make decisions alone.

The world is complex but full of opportunity, and interacting with this diverse environment is a scary task. So, to thrive in this environment, you look for guidance. For this, your brain grasps the subtle social signal so that you know how to behave in a different circumstance.

You rely on outsides forces to help you to decide your actions.

For instance, to survive, everyone requires food to eat and a house to live in. Obtaining these essentials, you can choose numerous ways either you steal money or do a job to earn a living.

It solely depends on you which method you prefer. However, looking at laws and social principles, you work so that you can fulfill your basic needs.

Instead of stealing money, you follow social signals.

Since childhood, you’re learning these signals, taking guidance from your friends and family, and following laws. As you become mature and gain experience, you become better at dealing with the world around you.

This experience makes you at resolving complex problems and tactfully challenging the rules. With this, you can raise your standard on the social ladder by making friends, earning money, or becoming skillful in your field.

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Lesson B: – Your Devastating Memories Of Past Can Stop You In Acquiring Your Future Goal

Laying on the bed in the past midnight, you’re awake, stressed, and exhausted as your brain punches you with one thought after another.

Thoughts come and dwell on you about the time you upset your loved ones. Or maybe, you’re recollecting moments you feel hurt, deceive, or socially abandon.

These dreadful flashbacks aren’t only keeping you awake but also torturing you, but saying this’s misleading. Sometimes, these flashbacks play a crucial role in your life as they prevent you from making the blunder again. So, you preserve these memories for useful purposes.

You may even store your painful memories from years and feel fear to resolve them. You ignore your past as it’s difficult, uncomfortable, and unpleasant.

To reach your destination, however, you’ve to be aware of where you were. For this, you need to carefully examine your past experiences and learn from them.

Instead of allowing your painful experience to drain you, you should tackle them quickly. Hence, vividly illustrating your sore feeling on paper will loosen the influence of adverse feelings on you.

With this, you can view your painful experience and learn a lesson from them.

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Lesson: C – The Story you narrate yourself will shape your actions and psyche

In childhood, you likely hear a bedtime story.

For years, humans use stories to comprehend the world. Thus, parents narrate stories to instruct their children about cultural norms and ethics.

Even as you grow up and become an adult, but in your mind, you view the world and translate incidents through a narrative lens. It’s crucial to tell the right story as the story structures your actions and psyche.

Now, every story has its characters. Likewise, in your narrative, Nature and Culture become the characters of your story. Nature stands for disorder and capability as it plays both roles devil who ruins everything and angel who bestows assistance.

The next character is Culture which contains safety and atrocity. The Culture represents both a wise king who provides safety and guidance, and authoritarian dictators who only want to coerce and restrain.

Your stories determine how you act in different circumstances. You can act either as a hero or as a devil.

Focusing on the devil, you become resentful. Resentful people get ahead by any means, even if they need to cheat others. But, there is a danger in this approach because they make the self more powerful that is incorrect.

Therefore, you should tell a healthy story. Perhaps, sometimes, nature can become harsh, but it also supplies you with possibility and fortune. Dictator definitely exists, but wise kings also organize society in ways that benefit you if you act correctly.

Beyond Order Review:

Jordan Peterson isn’t new here. In his previous book, 12 rules for life, Jordon illustrates the importance of organizing systematically in this world, while the new book Beyond Order invites reader to go further for living, more fulfilling, and successful lives.

He trusts structure beyond anything else’s from individual living style to traditional social hierarchy. So, he comes with 12 more rules to combat with life and its complexity.

Thus, Jordan ties insight together from mythology, psychology, psychoanalytical, philosophy and religion theories to show simple as well as complicated rules for becoming the elite version of yourself.

Quote From the book:

Quote From Beyond Order book by Jordan Peterson


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