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Introduction Of Crush it.

In this book, Crush it by Gary Vaynerchuk. The author focuses on creating your personal brand. Now you think you do not have the connection, wealth to start your business.

But building a business does not require a lot of money. It requires a lot of time, focus, and efforts. Now you are thinking, you do not have the business instinct. Do not worry, because skills are cheap, passion is priceless. If you are passionate about your work. You can produce amazing content, with the help of few formal business skills. Gary gives you three secret for his success.

  • Live your passion.
  • Work super hard.
  • Love your family.

Now you think, this book is about building an online brand. But, it does not mention the internet, social media tools, and technology. Because success is measured by how much happy you are, not how the big business is. If you are still not happy after following the above three rule, then you are not living your passion.

Living your passion means, when you get up each morning, you are excited because you are going to do the things that interest you the most. You do not need a vacation because, for you, working, playing and relaxing are the same. Here you are not building a business but a powerful personal brand that makes you money and brings happiness in your life.

The tool I am talking about is only accelerating your success. They do not create it. The tools including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr will only spread your idea and give your personal brand more important in for less time and money.

Why you should build your personal brand?

Some people do not want to build a personal brand because they like their job. But, even if the company was rising. You should start using social media tools to share ideas with the world and make yourself a recognizable brand. Because what happens, when you are out of work. Then, you have to send resume to a different company to get a job. Even a manager is hiring, she finds a choice to prefer between two equally qualified candidates. She will choose the one with whom she is experiencing a kind bond.

Building your brand helps you to know people personally and professionally. Now your personal brand is well-known and respectable. Then if you need a job, there are more chances that the manager will select you.

Plan your further, learn how to set goals. Because if you do not plan and decide where you want to go. Then, you are in big trouble. No matter how much you like your job. You should aim to leave a job and build your personal brand. Because when you are working for someone else’s. You will never live true to yourself.

But do not quit your job if you have other people to support, first build your brand. Once you start earning from your brand enough to support your family. You can quit your job and give complete attention to your business.

Developing your Personal brand is an old concept.

Developing your personal brand is not a new concept. There are a lot of people who have developed personal brand including Oprah and Emeril. Deliver your content via blog, podcast or video. But make sure your personal brand and your business be the same. Because authenticity is the key. If the content, you are publishing, was neither good nor trustable? Then no one would read your content.

Be yourself and prepare a better content. People will begin to show interest. Belief me, if you are good enough, people will find you, talk to you and getting people talking is the point.

With the help of the internet and social media. Your friends, colleagues are no longer limited to talking with their limited friend circle. But, if she tweets, she can tell five thousand people at once, that she reads your killing post. Then, the chances are serious that a good percentage of people going to check your blog. It takes ten minutes to reach your blog post to thousands and thousands of people.

Some people freak out with the noise and distraction of the content on the internet. You should relax because the quality is the tremendous filter, the cream will always rise no matter how many cups of coffee you pour.

Polish your content.

Focus on your DNA, because your DNA dictates your passion. You should make sure that your content is best. But, you can still make money, if you are fourth-best in your category. To dominate the competition and make big bucks. You have to become the best. If you are serious about building your brand. There is no time for fun, no time for watching TV on the couch with the popcorn bucket on your lap. Because passion and love enable you to work more than others.

Great content is about telling stories. You should read every resource, you find including books, trade journal, website, as well as taking classes. When you describe your product to a newbie. You should tell him in a unique way.

Some blogs are boring because the author is not talking about his interest. His should focus on something that makes him shine, that allows his passion to burst through a monitor and demand the attention. When you know yourself you will choose the right medium, the right platform and create awesome content that produces a lot of money.

Choose the right platform.

Once you create your killer product the next step is to spread your product awareness. In the online world, you can spread product awareness with three medium: video, audio, and written words. The author uses video to spread his product awareness. If you are self-conscious in front of a camera but have a compelling voice. Then, you should do an audio podcast blog. If you have a squeaky voice but have brilliant writing skills, obviously a writer blog is a perfect medium for you.

Now find a place where you promote your product. You should prefer blog. As it increases the ability to find you on the internet because their content expands daily. Your blog allows you to expand any topic that a static website cannot. The blog is your home, where people find you. To keep people coming, you need to interact with other people. To do that, step up to the online platform.

WordPress V/s Tumblr.

WordPress and Tumblr are the best blogging platform available on the internet. WordPress is establishing leader and its design need little more steps to publish your content. But it is not difficult to learn. One of the best features of WordPress is, achieve with search engine ability. So people can find anything, you have ever published.

On the flip side, Tumblr is super easy to use with a simple design. In Tumblr, you can use different templates to publish different kinds of content like: text, photo, and videos.


Facebook provides two places where you can talk about your product.

  1. Your Facebook profile.
  2. A Fan Page.

I urge you to use Facebook fan page because Facebook profile has a limit of five-thousand people. Once you reach the limit you will not add more friends. So when you are building your personal brand. You do not want to turn down your pending friend request, because you do not unable to add them. However, there is no such limit in adding people in Facebook fan page.


Twitter has incredible power. It offers opportunities for every entrepreneur to keep in contact with their customer. In twitter, when your friend retweets your comment. He is saying, you are worth paying attention to. But the drawback of Twitter is that you can only publish comments of 140 characters. So make sure your tweet is compelling enough to drive people on your blog. However, you can also use search twitter option (search.twitter.com) to find the current conversation going on in your topic.


Flickr is a photo-sharing site. You can use Flickr in two ways. Either you can publish images so other people click on it and follow the link to your blog or you can leave a comment on other people photo. If your passion is photography. Then, it is a good place to start.

YouTube and Viddler.

YouTube is like an ocean; however, Viddler is very small. Viddler allows you to place a dot within a video stream. So someone can see a particular part of the video without watching the complete video. Video submission in YouTube and the feature video are usually as a result of random luck or inside deal. But, Viddler is small, so their staff supports new talent on their network by featuring it on the home page. Viddler staff gives you an opportunity to feature your video for a day or two if they think you are good enough.


Ustream is a platform that allows you to launch video as well as do a live chat with your audience. The video blog in Ustream is different from other blogs. Because, when your peer comment on your blog post for any clarification. She needs to wait for the reply. By the time, you get back to her. You might have to remind her, what she has asked in the first place. But in Ustream, you can chat with your audience in real-time.

You should try every platform and find out which one works best for you. Now you are thinking, putting your content in every platform is time-consuming. Luckily, there are two websites that help you to upload your content in many websites at once.

Ping.fm is a service that allows you to upload your limited text to many websites at once. But, if you are a video blogger, you can use tubemogul.com.

But having an account is not enough on these platforms. You would mark your attendance every day to capture the attention of an audience. Because each platform gives your brand strength. And when you use them together, you can speed up the process.

Building Audience for Product.

After creating your content, the next step is to capture your audience. You need to get out from your cave, shake hands, and join every online conversation on your topic.

After creating content distributes it through ping.fm or tubemogul.com so you’re content appears on every social media platform. Now go to the niche blogs and begin commenting on them. If your content is good enough, people will see the content. Even if someone does not follow your blog immediately. But, when he sees you often enough in conversation. He may get curious to follow your blog. Now you bring someone who is interested in your topic. And if your content is interesting, entertaining and eye-catching. Then, the person visits once, become your regular reader.

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Above article is the extract version of the book “Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion” written by Gary Vaynerchuk.


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