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Digital Minimalism Summary

Digital Minimalism Summary

A New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and Wall Street Journal bestseller book, Digital Minimalism guides you to stay focus in the noisy world so that you can live a focused life.

Simple Short Summary: Cal Newport comes up with a concept called Digital minimalism because, in the digital era, where businesses are craving for attention and making their product as addictive as possible to reach a vast audience, you can save yourself by focusing your online time on doing purposefully pre-selected activities.

Digital Minimalism Summary

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 In this book, Digital Minimalism, you will learn three lessons:

Lesson: A – Digital minimalism saves you from the noisy world and guides you to live peacefully

Lesson: B – Make your own screening process to validate any digital tool

Lesson: C – Certain activities you love to do will form your identify outside social media

Lesson: A – Digital minimalism saves you from the noisy world and guides you to live peacefully

Digital minimalism is an approach for optimizing your technology to amplify its value and reducing the time you spend on it. So to protect yourself, you create a purposeful lifestyle in which you set predefined rules for electronic media.

Instead of spending hours on social media platforms, your rules guide you when you were online. These rules will allow you to get in, do the work, and walk out.

Our brains aren’t designed to satisfy with social media channels. Even, American Journal of Preventive Medicine reports that the more time people spend on social sites like Instagram and Facebook, the more loneliness, they feel.

Thus, you should reduce the time you spend on social media and even don’t engage yourself in posting artificial comments on these sites because these comments are meaningless. Using comments as a way of communication isn’t a meaningful way to sustain connections.

Instead of, posting comments on social media wait until you meet your friend in person or on-call since face-to-face meetings or calling are more satisfying ways to retain connections. You perhaps wonder what your friend might think of.

In this case, tell your friend that you are cutting time from social media platforms. Note that, visiting your friend’s house with some snacks and food will strengthen your connection. Moreover, this gesture is far better than Facebook likes.

The truth is when you cut time from social media, you will have more time to meet with friends. A phone call can be more gratifying and fulfilling for your social needs in compare to emails and text messages.

However, there were times when texts are useful especially when you’re running late or need instant confirmation. Still, using messaging as a standard form of communication is rarely a good option.

Moreover, it brings loneliness to you.

One executive has implemented a practice in which he informs everyone that on any working day at 5:30 in the evening, anyone can get in touch with him. With this technique, he saves himself from back and forth communication.

The good news is you can too apply this technique to save your time. So, when someone calls you, you can simply revert with “get in touch at 5:30”.

You maybe even go one step further and tell your coworkers to meet up at the coffee shop at 5 pm on the coming Saturday.

Lesson: B – Make your own screening process to validate any digital tool

Digital minimalism is based on two fundamentals. The first fundamental expresses the concept of a new economy.

So, what is new economic? Generally, the new economy is a comprehensive approach to calculate the worth of something.

For example, suppose, you’ve brought a new car to ride which means you chose driving over walking in your town. Here, the new economy says the car charges are not only the price to pay for instead, the time, money, and effort, you invest in renewing insurance and servicing are also considered in its cost.

So with this, you will realize that this cost is far more in compare to the behavior of walking around the town. With walking, you can even improve your physique that makes you healthier.

Thus, you should also apply this screening process in every electronic media you use. To implement this process asks questions such as what will you get? How much time, energy, and attention are you investing? Is there any alternative to do the same job?

The second fundamental relates to the Law of Diminishing Returns. It states that accumulating things with the hope of improving results will actually decrease it.

For instance, suppose you’ve an industry that manufactures cars. In the production line, the first worker you assign will grow your production.

However, if you keep adding workers, the production line will soon reach a point where it can’t accept one more worker. Sooner, you’ll also realize that the workers start colliding with each other, which negatively affects the production line.

Gradually, the production starts decreasing. In this case, you must optimize the production line to speed up the process.

You can also use an Amish approach to live life. People think the Amish approach is an anti-technology way to live your life.

In reality, however, the Amish don’t simply reject the technology. Instead, they test and question every technology they use.

So, if any technology doesn’t endorse their core values of community and family. They will prohibit it.

Thus, you must apply this method so that you can use a value-based manner to analyze any tool before using it.

Lesson: C – Certain activities you love to do will form your identify outside social media

If this minimalist approach looks good to you, then it’s time to imply this method. So, to begin this, start with implementing 30 days to reduce digital clutter.

In this, you remove all the unnecessary technology you have. The purpose of this is to stop yourself from what you have been doing so that you can view a different way to look forward.

Don’t confuse between essential vs non-technology, as you need to remove only specific technology that you don’t utterly need in your life for day-to-day living.

Even, while doing digital minimalism, your spirit goes down as you become aware of how many bad habits you possessed. Moreover, you may think that you will lose connection with your loved ones when you quit social media platforms.

However, sooner, you will discover that quitting electronic media will actually strengthen your relationship by calling your friends frequently, meeting them in person, and talking to them more often. Instead of dropping a message on Facebook, you make efforts to retain the relationship.

Now, it is the time to search deep in you to find out what is significant for you? With this, you will develop awareness about the things you appreciate most?

Think about your interest and activity you love to do outside social media. This step is vital since passing through the period of 30 days with no social media, a gap will occur, and your responsibility is to fill this gap.

As the thirty days duration is over, your goal is to begin the reestablishment period thoughtfully. The purpose of this period is to engage yourself with new rituals and habits.

For this, you need to ask three questions that will prevent you from slipping into the earlier schedule of technology chaos. These questions are “Does this technology support my values? Is it the best practice to uphold my values? How can I effectively use this tool to optimize its efficiency with less harm?”

Some technology may answer the first and second questions but failed to answer the next one. Additionally, the chances are most social media platforms don’t pass through this screening process.

For example, Instagram or Facebook may support your values to stay in touch with your friends, colleague, relatives, but calling them is a much more meaningful way to retain connection.

Favorite Quote from the book:

Favorite Quote From Digital Minimalism

Digital Minimalism Review

In this book Digital Minimalism, Cal guides you to rediscover the pleasure of the world outside social media, and reconnect with your inner-self. As technology is neither good nor bad, hence your purpose should be to use it to endorse your values and goals instead of allowing it to consume you.

The methodology in digital minimalism can help you to hold a longer conversation without checking your phone. The book is especially for people who are overwhelmed by electronic media and want to improve their productivity as well as their life.

In this, you can learn how to use online tools with a purpose that will aware you when it is enough and focuses your life in the distracted world.

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