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Five Stars Summary

Quote From Five Stars by Carmine Gallo

Author of the best-selling book Talk Like TED, Carmine Gallo in his another book Five Stars elucidates the strategies to learn the persuasion technique of Aristotle to inspire your audience.

Simple-Short-Summary: In the modern world, the art of persuasion is essential to stand out, get ahead, and achieve greatness, and it all starts with telling great stories about you, your ideas, or your business because an idea doesn’t sell itself.

Five Stars Summary

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In this book, you will learn three lessons:

Lesson: A – If you want your ideas to stick in people head replace longer with shorter words

Lesson: B – Include pathos in your story to connect and inspire your audience

Lesson: C – Smooth communication between team members can help you to create a crack team

Lesson: A – If you want your ideas to stick in people head replace longer with shorter words

A well-known writer of twentieth-century Ernest Hemingway who won several awards including the Nobel prize and his numerous work was viewed as a literary masterpiece. So, what was his secret for writing?

The secret sauce of his writing was he always used plain words that could be understood by a fifth-grade kid. You can say for becoming a good communicator you should always use short words because lengthy words do not necessarily mean they are better, but perhaps, they may cause confusion.

If you are an entrepreneur, instructor, or leader, your goal is to use grade-level words and sentences to communicate your ideas. Studies have proved that a paragraph of tenth-grade level or lower is suited best for Americans to understand and comprehend the meaning.

Are you skeptical about using tenth-grade content for communication? Thinking this will reduce the content quality. If so, then you might be wrong.

Evidence validates that writing content at a higher grade level will deteriorate the quality of your content.

Then, the chances are less that people get the actual meaning from your communication. Thus, using long and complex words do not actually increase the quality of your writing.

Winston Churchill, a famous speaker of the twentieth century, was well-known for replacing longer words with shorter words. He said that he substitutes longer words with fewer syllable words because the shorter words are the oldest ones.

So, when you wish your idea to catch people’s attention, you need to craft your material within the grade level. Thus, for checking the complexity of your content use the Readability Index, an online tool highly used by the textbooks publishers in the United States to identify that the chosen content understands by its audience or not.

An individual can also use this tool, for example, Hemingwayapp – by uploading their content to check whether the content can understand by its target audience.

Lesson: B – Include pathos in your story to connect and inspire your audience

The anecdote of Nike was one of the well-known stories of business origin. It started when a field coach of the University of Oregon, Bill Bowerman discovered that his athletes’ training shoes could not grip on the newly made Polyurethane running course of the university.

In frustration, Bill decided to develop a new shoe that gripped the polyurethane track. For this, he used a waffle iron to make the prototype sole for the shoes.

In his initial attempts, he has wasted plenty of irons. However, Nike can use this success story to show the creative brand spirit of the company.

You may be wondering why this story is so powerful. The answer is pathos because pathos makes an emotional call to convince a group of people.

For example, the story of Nike has plenty of pathos in it.

Pathos is a powerful component for communication as people love to listen stories of struggle, and besides this, the story contains a rags-to-riches factor in it. As stated by psychologists, conflict in life is an essential aspect of the human experience because we tend to get some meaning from any hardship.

Thus, a story of success despite adversity or win over disaster tells us that we consider struggle as a normal part of our life. In another study of Neurological demonstrates that you will recall stories more precisely when they have a component of conflict.

Thus, you need to embody a story of hardship in your communication that you or your brand has faced and how you have reached the place you are right now.

Lesson: C – Smooth communication between team members can help you to create a crack team

The one thing that separates great teams from good ones is their communication quality. People are in the technology sector would love to become an employee of Google. Thus, every year, thousands of applicants apply to Google, but only a few of them make it through the process.

However, if the Google employees are the best then what are the characteristics an elite team possesses. In 2012, Google decided to find out the attribute of an elite team.

For this, the company asked a research team to discover the style of highly effective teams, so they could apply this knowledge to make other teams better.

The study exposed and changed all hypotheses because it did not matter who was the team associate, but what matter was how well they communicated with each other. In the end, the studies concluded that there were three attributes that the most effective teams had.

First, successful teams create an atmosphere of “psychological safety.” This means creating a safe and secure environment where everyone can share their questions, ideas, mistakes, or concerns without being embarrassed, reject, or punish.

Next, the effective teams are the ones who show absolute clarity. It means that the team members understand their goals and are working for them.

The last trait of an effective team is impact.

Every member knows that their work carries weight and helps the organization to achieve its goal. Hence, for building a highly efficient team, you need to convey emotional aspects.

So, if you are a leader and building your team, you should incorporate personal anecdotes. Doing so will encourage your team members to do the same that forms psychological safety around them.

Furthermore, make sure you convey the team’s objectives with a crystal clear roadmap so that everyone knows how they can achieve their goal together. In last, communicate with each member of the team and let him know how his goal helps the organization to achieve its goal.

What’s Next?

The Fine Art Of Small Talk Summary: What’s in it for me?

Lesson: A – Communication is a skill that can be learned and fueled with small talk.

Lesson: B – People enjoy interacting with each other thus make efforts to introduce yourself.

Lesson: C – Use open-ended questions to know more about the speaker and make strong connections.

Lesson: D – Surrounding Clues Can Refuel The Conversation Thus Pay Attention For Them.

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