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Free to Focus Summary

Free to Focus Summary

An American author, Michael S. Hyatt is a writer, podcaster, blogger, speaker, and an author of nine books including five international best-selling books.

Simple Short Summary: Productivity is not about saving a few minutes in every task and then using that time to add one more task, but it is an approach to carefully eliminate the inferior tasks, selectively choose the high-value jobs, and bring positive results for your business.

Free to Focus Summary

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In this book, Free to Focus, you will learn:

Lesson: A – Rejuvenation Time will not only recharge brain but make you more productive

Lesson: B – Screening process will help you in filtering out superfluous jobs from your workday

Lesson: C – A sure fire way to accomplish more in a day just focus on three activities

Lessons: A – Rejuvenation Time will not only recharge brain but make you more productive

We are bombarded by more and more in our workday – more speed, more stress, and more work. Thus, the more becomes the significant word of our society.

We even hunger for more productivity so that we can fit more tasks into a pre-occupied schedule.

But, there is a limit to stretch ourselves and our schedules moreover, stretching our schedule leads us to self-destruction. Hence, Michael Hyatt comes up with an alternative approach.

In his book, free to focus, he argued that you were chasing the wrong goal because you didn’t need to add more tasks to your schedule instead add more of the right tasks.

It is not easy especially when you are constantly distracted by people around you that drain your ability and attention to concentrate. Michael explains that once you handle these things, your productivity will skyrocket. With this, you will leave your work feeling calm and content.

Otherwise, your calendar will pile up with activities that engage and compel you to work. Then, you naturally trim time from relaxation and leisure hours.

So, when all the time consumes by the activities at hand, you will start to squeeze time from other areas. Area such as sleep time, and dinner time with your friends. Chances are you will reschedule your dinner plan and cut time from your sleep.

However, avoiding rest and recreation periods will deteriorate your mental health.

We only have a limited amount of energy though people usually believe that the energy levels will stay the same around the clock.

That’s why, in the early morning, we can get our work done in less effort as our brains are focused. After lunch, as our energy drops down, our productivity declines as well.

It validates that the energy levels fluctuate, and your willpower and focus are limited resources that have to refill. Therefore, to amplify the concentration and enhance efficiency, you must not prune time from rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation reenergizes your burnout brain and recharges your body. The vital form of rejuvenation is sleep which people often ignored.

In David K. Randall’s book Dreamland, he clarified that sleep deprivation made it difficult for you to solve problems, retain focus, and make sound decisions. Similarly, in another book, The Secret World of Sleep written by Penelope A. Lewis, she demystified that sleep deprivation could dilute the effectiveness of producing good ideas.

Besides this, she said that people with sleep deprivation had produced fewer original ideas.

Additionally, doing more and more also impacts our social lives as we constantly try to fit every task into our schedule. We are social creatures thus relationship plays a vital role in emotional health.

We usually overlook relationships with our friends, family, and coworkers, but ignoring these relationships can dramatically decline our productivity. So, spoiling our connection with others will disintegrate our mental health, energy, and motivational level. Then, this will surely make you unproductive.

Now the last thing is to engage yourself in play. Activities like painting, fishing, and hiking can bring joy to your life. These moments may look unproductive to you, but indeed, it is an excellent way to rejuvenate your mental batteries.

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Lesson: B – Screening process will help you in filtering out superfluous jobs from your workday

Of course, productivity will enable you to spend extra time in relaxation and empower you with sharp focus and efficiency. But, the question is how you are able to attain this.

The starting step is to cut out trivial tasks from your working day. It may look strange, but it is a secret for efficiency.

Because productivity is not about being busy and doing more, but it is an approach to work more on essential tasks and chop out the non-essentials. It indicates that you need to concentrate on vital tasks and cut down everything else’s.

So excluding unnecessary activities require you to evaluate all the activities with your skill and passion. Here, passion refers to the motivation you induce to do certain tasks.

On the flip side, proficiency means that you possess the knowledge and skill to perform certain activities. So, by weighing your expertise and passion with all the activities you do, you can dig out the inferior jobs and omit them.

You can also remove jobs that you’re not passionate about even when you do them effectively. Then, there are jobs in which you’re passionate but lack competency.

These tasks will become trickier for you. Moreover, you will not able to accomplish them effectively, and these low-value tasks are worth nothing for your company.

Therefore, you should use your time to do things that you’re skillful and passionate about because this is the only way to use your time wisely. It will give a boost to your career as you’re doing something that you’re skillful at.

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Lesson: C – A sure fire way to accomplish more in a day just focus on three activities

It is crucial to pre-plan your day. Planning will give you an objective to aim for. So, you can map out a plan that helps you to accomplish three tasks in a day.

These three are your superior tasks that must be complete before any other tasks. Moreover, choosing three can also guide you in concentration and prioritizing your objectives.

You can take a step further and even map out your entire week. With the help of a weekly planner, you create your ideal week, so you know the tasks ahead you need to perform in a day.

Obviously, while planning your week, you also have to plan your days. Your ideal day should start with morning rituals such as meditation and journaling from 6:30 am to 7:30 am follow by time spend on learning new skills from 7:30 am to 9 am.

Of course, it is always not possible to go through your ideal week as you constantly bombard by urgent activities which will break your rhythm. Still, having a clear vision of the week can give you an objective to focus on.

Additionally, after achieving your objective, you will gain a sense of pride.

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Favorite Quote from the book:

Quote From Free to Focus

Free to Focus Review

In Free To Focus, Michael said, productivity wasn’t about doing more and more but doing the right things more. To implement this, you can create a not-to-do list to kick out the inferior tasks.

With this, you will be able to change your mindset from doing everything to doing specific things. As we live in a distracted world where we are constantly bombarded by information, so nothing gets our full attention.

To concentrate fully, you need to understand that our time and energy are limited, so your goal must be to use them wisely. Thus, learn to no say to everything that doesn’t add value to your life or your company.

Additionally, this book comes with exercises and workbooks so that you can learn and practice to improve your focus. At last, Free To Focus is especially for people who want to increase their efficiency and balance their work-life.

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