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How to Develop Self-Confidence And Influence People By Public Speaking Summary

Image How to Develop Self Confidence & Influence People By Public Speaking

Why You Should Read How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking?

Going through this article you will learn:

  • How to prepare your speech?
  • What is opening and closing of a speech?
  • How to build confidence on Stage?
  • What is word stretching and when to use it?
  • Why standing alone can boost your confidence on a stage?
  • How to deliver your speech without notes?

Four practical suggestions to become a better public speaker.

The first step is your desire. Your learning rate will depend upon the depth of your desire.

Desire force you to do your work in tough times. But, if your desire is pale, then the rate of learning will slow down. To supercharge your desire. You should aware yourself with the benefits of public speaking that help you to bring additional self-confidence.

The second step is to prepare your speech. If you do not prepare the speech. Then, on stage, you will become nervous and utter words that make you look stupid.

The third step is to develop self-confidence. You can perform deep breathing exercise for thirty seconds. As this will help you raise your confidence on stage. The increasing supply of oxygen, with supercharge your confidence batteries.

The fourth step is to play with your content.

Once you prepare your content, the first and last thing is to practice.

The lack of confidence comes from the lack of practice. To grip your subject, schedule a three minutes self-talk and practice it many times in a day.

Once you develop enough confidence and back up yourself from the accords of success. The fear of public speaking will take a back seat.

Suggested Reading: Attitude is everything by Jeff Keller.

Arranging the content.

Once you reach all the material. The next step is to arrange your content. If you do not arrange your content, you will not able to influence your audience.

Compose brief notes and write on an ample piece of paper. Once you complete your writing, visit the place, you are going to deliver your speech. And hide your notes in a safe place so that your listener would not see it.

If you are one of those, trying to learn your speech. Then, please do not do it. Because memorizing a speech consume time and efforts. Moreover, it will not help you on the stage.

The Three laws of Memory.

The first law is impression.

To impress the information on your mind. You should concentrate on it.

Observe your information closely and accurately, and connect more sense with the information. As it helps you to connect the information deeply in your mind. Above all, capture information with eyes.

The nerve leading from eyes to brain is twenty-five percent more effective than the nerve leading from ears to brain.

The second’s law of memory is repetition.

You can learn anything you want to learn. All you should do is to increase the frequency of repetition.

Because we are more likely to forget something in the first eight hours of the learning. So, try to re-read in the initial period of learning. Do not learn something in a single sitting. Instead, go over it, in a small interval of time.

Learning in a small interval will reduce the time required.

The third law of memory is an association.

Associating is a process of joining new information with old information. That already has room in our mind.

With this method, you can also remember new dates by combining them with old dates. Once you combine these three techniques, you can able to deliver your content without notes.

Jumping of heart before delivering speech.

You should know that before going to deliver your speech. You will feel anxious.

It is normal but, if you keep on practice, you will also vanish initial fear.

Because learning any activity take time and effort.

Either you are learning how to play golf or how to deliver a speech. You need to take daily steps to polish your skills. People discourage because they are unable to see any progress.

You should understand, it is a part of learning and day by day your skills lift you like an airplane and will make significant progress in your life.

having a conversation with your audience.

In public speaking, it is more than words that count.

Because once you emerge yourself in speaking, your real emotion will help you to perform well. Many speakers deliver a speech that shows, they are reading a paragraph. But public speaking is more likely than reading your content.

It is like having a conversation with your audience.

You can use four suggestions to polish your content delivery skills.

1. Stretch the important words in a sentence and subordinate the unimportant one.

2. Vary the rate of speech while delivering your speech. Give more time on words, you want to stand out, and less time to unimportant words.

3. Take a pause before and after our important ideas.

4. Vary the pitch of your voice as per your speech. Sometimes high and sometimes low.

focus on Opening and closing of Speech.

A speaker can make his talk interesting by mixing the following ingredient: curiosity, illustration, human stories, shaking facts and asking questions.

Once you grind your speech with ingredients, you will create better material for delivery.

But opening and closing are as important as the content of a speech.

Opening of speech should be short, either in one or two sentences. But, it is one of the difficult parts, as well as the crucial part.

Once you do the opening of speech and go over your content, you will reach the closing part of the speech. In this, the message you deliver at last more likely to remember in listener mind. So, plan your closing in advance.

However, you can use four suggestions to glue your material in the audience mind.

1. Outline the key points of a speech.

2. Using biblical quotation to make your speech more effective.

3. Making an audience laugh.

4. Appealing for action.

Make your speech vivid and clutter-free.

The vital part of the speech is to make your point exact so that your message will convey to an audience.

You must have a solid foundation on your topic. Because it helps you to water down the technical terms and presents your content in a plain language.

Present your content with the help of general illustration and back up with concrete cases or specific instance to make your speech more effective.

Be a single person on the stage.

A speaker should be a single person on a stage. Because if you have another person, then, occasionally she will move from one point to another on the stage. Through this, she will catch the attention of your audience.

If you do not want to dilute your little effort. Then, empty your stage and make sure, there will not be any chair, table, and podium. As your audience comes to see you and hear from you.

Once you make a clutter-free platform, you are not restricted to stand on a single place. Now you can stand at a place where the flood of light fall directly on your face so that the audience can see all of your features.

Grap your Audience at one place.

If you are speaking with a small group of people. Gather them in a small room. It is hard to influence a group of people when it is scattered.

An individual as a member of a small group will applaud, laugh, and approve things that he might question if he addresses single.

Polish your content.

To deliver your speech, you should know what is preparation?

Preparation is not something to assembling and arranging sentences. It is also not something to sit down for thirty minutes and try to bake your speech, but, you need to select your topic earlier in a week and begin to work on it.

The next step is to write your thoughts on a piece of paper so that more idea will reach up to you.

If need, visit a nearby library and do some reading on your topic. You can also take the help of a librarian. As she will help you to give the best material for preparation. Once you gather all knowledge and go over it then prepare the content of your speech.

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Above article is the extract version of the book “How to Develop Self Confidence And Influence People By Public Speaking” written by “Dale Carnegie”.

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