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How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Summary


How to protect yourself from worry?

The first thing, you should do to remove yourself from worrying patter, is to live in today. Live now, understand the power of now.

You’ve to close the door of the past as well as the future. But it doesn’t mean you don’t plan your future. To build your future you need to work today. So don’t bother yourself with future thoughts.

The best time to do something productivity is to do it today not tomorrow.

A Magic Formula to solve the trouble.

In this, I’m going to show you the magic formula, the formula consists of three steps.

It’s as simple as to pick up the magic wand and rollover your problem, within a minute your wound would be healed.

The first step is to ask yourself, What’s the worst-case scenrio

Now you’ve a problem in your one hand, and on the other side, you know the worst-case scenario that might happen.

Now, in the second step, accept the worst case that might happen, and free yourself from the range of worry. It’ll help you to think clearly.

Now, in the third step, you need to take constructive actions to reduce the chances of happening worst.

Free yourself from Negative Emotions.

Worry a tiny word consists of five characters, but it can induce devastating diseases. However, the truth is your mind cause the sickness.

Holding bad emotions including frustration, anxiety, worry, fear, defeat, and despair can put your body in trouble.

The nervous trouble in a human body isn’t by the physical deterioration, but by the emotion. However, your mind also has the power to re-direct you from negative to positive thoughts.

How to Analyse and Solve Worry Problems?

Before going to jump into the whirlpool of stress, and clear the clutter. You first need to ask yourself.

What is the problem?

And then write the problem on a piece of paper. The purpose of doing this’s to make your problem crystal clear. So your mind directs your attention on a single point.

Now, in the next step, you need to find out the root cause of your problems. And also begin collecting facts and analyze them. As facts help you to make an authentic decision.

When you pile up information, sit down with a calm mind, and analyze facts, as it’ll help you to find the solution. Write down all the possible solutions you come up with.

But while collecting facts, think you’re collecting data for another person otherwise, you’ll only collect the facts that were in your favor.

The reason, why you worry in the first place?

Are you worry?

If yes, then deep down in your head, tons of thoughts revolving, scratching you and causing your worry.

Thoughts not only make your head hurt but also weaken your health. Now at this moment look around you. You’ll find out you’re alone, plus, you’re doing nothing.

Mind produce worries thoughts when you’ve spare time. As the mind can’t do multi-task. So it can only cause you to worry in leisure hours.

An old saying, an empty mind is the devil’s workshop.

Tips to take away Worries immediately.

You might be living life with anxiety, stress, and worrying about small problems. It happens as your mind produces some kind of images that cause you anxiety.

However, you can use the law of averages to heal yourself from anxiety. It defines the possibility of happening an event in the present moment.

Example: Imagine a guy name, Harry. Harry was panic for lightning.

But once he knows that the chance of kill by lightning is one in three hundred and fifty thousand, according to the National Safety Council.

He frees himself from this anxiety as he applyies the law of average.

Don’t show you back, accept the reality.

Accept every loss in life to leave the fence of worry. You shouldn’t resist the shock instead absorb it. Because acceptance is the stepping stone to overcome the consequence of misfortune.

It’s always your choice to accept inevitable and adjust yourself otherwise, you would end up with a nervous breakdown.

As you know circumstance doesn’t have the power to control yourself. No matter what happened to you but if you resist you’ll make your life miserable.

Circumstances even don’t make you feel either blissful or gloomy. But, it’s always your choice how you interpret the event.

Example: In a conversation of J.C. Penney with the author. J.C. Penney says he wouldn’t worry even if he lost every cent.

Because he doesn’t gain anything with worrying about problems. He says, he does the best job he can, and leave the results in the laps of the gods.

How to set a stopping point, to protect yourself from worries?

In this, you’ll learn how to protect yourself from worries. The step helps you to protect by setting a stop-loss point in your life.

In other words, you’ll set a limit to prevent you from the worst scenario. Below examples help you to understand better.

Example: This’s an example of Burton. Burton’s a successful businessman in trading. The secret of his success is, he always set a stop-loss order.

When he buys a stock at forty-dollar a share, he immediately set a stop-loss order on it at thirty-five.

So when the stock goes below by five points. The stock would automatically sell. Therefore, limiting the losses.

Accept it, mistakes are part of life.

Everyone makes mistakes in his life. The first step is to analysis your problem peacefully, and make yourself relax. The second step is to learn a lesson from it.

Now in the third step, you’ve to make yourself so busy in constructive something amazing that you didn’t have time for worries.

What is the difference between concern and worry?

The author says you need to concern about your problems. But not worried. Now the question is, what’s the difference between concern and worry?

Concern means you’re aware of your problems and taking steps to fix it. However, worry means going around in annoying for minor issues.

To become positive. You must select a positive mindset. Through this, you can stay positive and it also helps you to keep away worries and anxiety.

Example: If you begin to think happy thoughts then you’ll become happy. However, thinking negative thoughts can make your life miserable.

Thinking unhealthy thoughts, make you ill. And thinking of failure thoughts, you’ll certainly be failed.

Don’t try to take revenge from others.

You’ll make your life miserable you try to defeat others. Taking revenge from other people will make you feel sad.

But, it’ll also put others at the top of their life. If someone cheats on you stay away from him. As it’ll help you to stay positive.

Example: When you hate your enemy, you’re giving him the power to take away your health, sleep, and happiness. Your enemy would dance with joy if he knows how he was worrying, and torturing you.

Your hate isn’t hurting him. But it’s only causing you horrible trouble.

Would You Take a Million Dollars for What You Have?

Count your blessing each morning. The sole habit helps you to look at the positive side of every event.

No matter, if you’re full of anxiety or something worst had been happened to you. But, counting your blessing stops you from going toward the negative side of life.

Do not try to become someone else’s.

You’ll not fit in any group if you’re trying to be someone else’s. Plus, it makes you feel unhappy and unacceptable. And the truth is, you’re the only one in this world. There’s no one like you. Be Yourself.

The Unfortunate Truth about Failure.

Failure is natural. And you should not fear failure. Instead of, behaving like you’re depressed and making your life miserable, be grateful for failure.

Even in the worst scenario, if you look you’ll find things that you should be grateful for.

However, failure isn’t something that you can’t do anything about it. A perfect plan and a series of steps help you to come out from failure. You must always do something to achieve your goal for two reasons.

First, you may succeed. Second, even if, you didn’t succeed, the attempt you take makes you feel happy. And help you to look forward instead of backward.

Here is a quick way to add happiness to your life.

Helping others help you to make better connections, but also, stay you away from a negative side of life.

You can remove worries within fourteen days, just think how you can assist others.

The habit works as it forces the doer to step out of his thought. Then, thinking something in present situation. Thinking of others will stop you from worry and it also helps you to make good friends.

Happiness is contagious, and sharing happiness with others you’ll have jackpot of happiness. By helping a stranger and giving out love, you’ll conquer worry, sorrow and self-pity.

Why prayer help you to conquer worry?

You can Conquer worries once you tell your problems to God. Here is a list of people, who prayed once a day: Connie Mack, Eddie Rickenbacker, Edward R Stettinius, J. Pierpont Morgan, Eisenhower, General Mark Clark.

Now you may wonder why prayer works.

1. Prayer helps you to tell your problems to God.

2. Prayer can remove worries from your heart. It makes you feel good, as you share problems with God. Sometimes, problems are so weird that you can’t tell to anyone. So sharing problems with God, makes you feel calm.

3. Prayer forces you to take action.

Boost your productivity without trouble.

You can enhance the quality of your work and double your productivity by adding a tiny nap in your daily life.

Wasting your energy throughout the day will cause you suffering in the long term. Even, burnout can also cause you to worry.

To prevent the burnout. You need to add an hour’s of nap before the evening meal.

Six hours of sleep in the night and one hour nap in the evening can double your productivity. And make your mind calm.

What Makes You Tired?

In a study, it has been found out, your brain is an energetic machine. The machine that doesn’t get exhausted. Then the question is, how your brain gets tired?

You might feel tired because of emotional factors. Such feelings fall apart your health than physical work. The feeling of anxiety, tediousness, and hurry can cause a negative impact on your health as well as in your mind.

Even it’s not limited to your body. It can also cause mental diseases.

Like any other habit. You can change the habit of tension, and learn how to relax. Once you learn. You can protect your mind from draining significant energy, and use the power in a constructive way.

You can develop the habit of relaxing anywhere, but don’t force yourself to relax. As it’s a natural process. And you cannot relax by thinking something else’s.

How to look young and eliminate all of your worries?

To overcome your inner anxiety, you need to find someone that helps you to pour out worries.

It doesn’t means go around and making a pest of yourself in front of your friends. But, find someone whom you can trust and remove the burden from your heart.

How to get rid of Fatigue, Worry, And Resentment?

Developing enthusiasm in your work. As it prevents you from exhaustion. Because work didn’t make you exhaust. But frustration and irritation make you exhaust.

Developing an enthusiasm in your work. It prevents you from fatigue. The cause of fatigue is not by work but is causes of worry, frustration, and resentment.

Example: In a study, Dr. Barmack put a group of students through a series of tests. The tests were taken in which, students have little or on interest.

The result?

The students felt sick and tired and even complain of headaches and eyestrain.

In some cases, even their stomachs were upset.

Was it all imagination?


Metabolism tests were taken of these students.

These tests showed that the blood pressure and the consumption of oxygen is decreased, when a person is getting bored.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living: Buy | Pdf

At Last: Here are my favorite Quotes from this book.

  • No matter what happens, always be yourself. ― Dale Carnegie.
  • Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. ― Dale Carnegie.
  • Two men looked out from prison bars, One saw the mud, the other saw stars. ― Dale Carnegie.
  • Nobody kicks a dead dog. ― Dale Carnegie.
  • If you want to keep happiness , you have to share it !” ― Dale Carnegie, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. ― Dale Carnegie.

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