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  • Give a big smile. When you meet a new friend welcome him or her in your conversation with the warm smile & undivided attention.
  • Don’t just flash a smile on your face when you saw someone in your lane. Instead, wait for a moment and then wear a flooding smile on your face.
  • When you pump your idea into a listener’s brain, which is full of their own ideas. Then, you will get a pollutant mixture. But, if you want your super supreme idea to flow into her head without polluted, drain her tank first.
  • Whenever you made a mistake, someone suffers because of it. But, now it’s not enough to correct your error. Ask yourself. What could I do for this suffering soul? So, he or she will be glad.
  • When somebody does a favor for you. It’s obvious they owe you one, wait for a time before asking them to pay back. Let them enjoy the fact that you did it for friendship.
  • When standing at a gathering, arrange your body posture in an open position. Especially your hands and arms. Studies show folks who adopt body posture such as an uncrossed arm, legs slightly separated, a slight smile on their face have high confidence.
  • Like an air traffic control, track the tiniest details of your conversation partner’s life. One of the most powerful forms of tracking is remembering anniversaries of people or personal achievement. Remembering people birthday and private passion is also help to build a better relationship.
  • Quality of top-level communicator is that they ignore all the unwanted action of their peer. Actions that need to ignore while talking is sneezing hiccup, fumbles and so on.
  • Don’t answer the phone with an I am always happy attitude. Answer professionally. And then, you recognize the other person on the phone, welcome them by a huge smile, that split it in your voice.
  • What color is your time? When you are calling one of your business magnets. Don’t just jump into a conversation. Ask them politely. Are you free now? he states red, I’m really busy. Yellow, I’m busy but what’s in your mind? If it’s quick, then we can deal with it. Green, go.
  • You are talking to your friend. In the meantime, you hear a phone in a background. Stop speaking in the middle of a sentence. If necessary. And say to the speaker I can hear your other line. Or I can hear your dog is barking, baby crying, your spouse calls. Through this, you will become reputed in the eyes of the speaker.
  • When you arrive at the gathering, stop dramatically in the doorway. Then slowly roll your eyes in each corner of the room back and forth. Through, this. You’ll become chooser( to decide which group you want to join in).
  • As I whispered above, Stop at the doorway. And let your eyes travel back and forth. Ask yourself. Who looks like they could be most beneficial to my life? or Who would I most enjoy talking to?
  • In conversation, stop doing unnecessary moments of a body such as scratching, ear tingling and toot prickling that will interpret your target. Because it reduces the reputation in the speaker’s eyes. Target your focus on the speaker: body language, and hand moment.
  • Develop a habit. To express yourself, but keep track of what you are saying. As well as how your listener is reacting. Then, plan your moves accordingly.
  • You are going to start a conversation with a new friend. Verbalization in your mind that he or she is your old friend. Verbalization of words suddenly boosts your confidence. And you’ll behave like your old friend. This turns your stranger into a new friend.
  • Visualize yourself as a super somebody. By using techniques such as smiling the flooding smile, making sticky eyes, and shaking hands. Hear yourself chatting comfortably with other. Feel the pleasure of super somebody.
  • Stick your eyes at your target(especially female). When you want to influence someone in a group. But suddenly you need to leave the group. Do this by slowing separating your eyes from her.
  • Before you start your conversation. Take a look at your partner state of mind. Because it helps to build a better friendship at that moment.
  • Worried about the first word. What to say? But no matter. How you initiate your conversation. Because 80% of impression has nothing to do with your words. It depends on how you deliver your first word.
  • Whenever you go to a party. Wear something unusual. Because it attracts other people and encourages them to ask you. What is this? This helps you to initiate your conversation.
  • This trick you can apply in a gathering. Ask your host to introduce yourself to your target.
  • Whenever someone asks you. Where are you from? Never, give your answer in one word. Learn some delicious fact about your hometown. This helps you to fuel your conversation. Likewise, job. When someone asks you. What do you do? Never reply. I’m an economist or I’m an educator.
  • Learn some delicious fact about your field and flesh it out. Otherwise, they’ll excuse themselves, preferring the snack back at the cheese tray. Never say “Thank you” alone. Use some phrase in it. e.g. Thank you for asking.
  • Introduce yourself in a way that you can flow your conversation. So, when stranger asking you. What is your name? say: I am Rahul, I am blogger. Then for this your target reply. I’m Den. I’m content writer.
  • Whenever you are talking to your new target(friend). Talk about their field of interest. It looks like you put a spotlight on them. But the more you listen about their field of interest. The more you delighted in their heart.
  • Simply repeat, the last two or three word of your speaker. At the end of each sentence. And then put the spotlight back to them.
  • The last move to take before going to parties. Even after you have given approval in the mirror. Now, its time to turn on the television and listen to some latest news.
  • It’s not a good sign of big winner to ask. What do you do? But, the right way to say “How do you spend most of your time.”
  • When someone asks you “What do you do? Instead of having one omnipresent answer. Prepare a set of answer. When meeting with your friend or loved ones. Say your answer for beneficial of them. Make your life sound like an interesting story. Ask yourself What possible interest could this person have in my answer? Then prepare your answer on that basis.
  • Look up some common word you use in your daily life. Like changing your shoes, change a few pairs of words. And then, see how it sound. If you adore them. Stick to it. Remember only fifty words vocabulary difference in a rich, creative vocabulary and an average vocabulary.
  • Start your sentence with “You”. It immediately grabs your listener attention. Through this, you’ll get a more positive response because you click pride button of the friend.
  • You are using the same smile for everyone. Then your smile lost its value. While standing in a group and one person is more important than other. Let him or her know, by wearing a big flooding smile on your face.
  • Before going to pass any news. Never, speak in a way you feel it. But, deliver in a way a speaker take it.
  • When you are chatting with the top communicator. Don’t appreciate them for work. But, simply say. How much its pleasure to you? If you appreciate in one out of many accomplishments, make sure. It is a recent one, not an old one that fades in their memory.
  • Watch folks how they make small movements, big movements, and jerky movements. Then simply adopt the style of your speaker movement.
  • Does your customer have a garden? Talk about the Garden. Does your friend play tennis? Tell her it really hits the sweet spot. Elicit your interest. To give your point more power. Use your spoken word.
  • To become a top communicator vocalize complete sentence to show your understanding. Don’t use ‘umm’ or ‘uh-huh’ word in your vocabulary. Edit your dialogue with phrases like ‘I see what you mean.’ Then I guarantee you, empathy impress your listener and encourage them to continue.
  • Choose your word according to the nature of people. For visual people use the visual word to make them think you see the world they do. For Auditory folks, use auditory empathize to make them think you hear them loud and clear. For kinesthetic folks, use kinesthetic words to make them feel the same way they do.
  • Create the sensation of intimacy with someone even when you’ve met just a moment before. Evoke someone feelings by using the magic word: We, us, and our.
  • A complement one hear is never as existing as the one, overhear. A priceless way to please someone is by telling their friend.
  • Become a courier of good news. Whenever you hear something good about someone pass it to them.
  • Whenever you are talking with a stranger. And you’ll like to make them part of your personal or professional life. Search for one attractive, specific, and unique quality he or she has. Then at the end of a conversation, look into their eyes. Say their name and whisper the killer compliment.
  • Don’t make your colleagues, your friends, your loved ones look at you. Whispered, haven’t I been pretty good today? Let them know how much you adore them by saying verbal words: Nice job’, ‘Well done’
  • When someone gives a little sunshine on your life in a form of compliment or concern question, reflect it back on them.
  • Folks perk up when they hear their name. You can use this technique on the phone. So that, you can grab more attention from the listener. But, saying someone name repeatedly during face to face conversation makes you feel like a dumb.
  • This technique helps you to influence any special person in a group. No matter who is speaking, a slight glance back to your target in a very short interval of time. Watch your speaker but focus on your target at the end of each topic.
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