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Managing Oneself By Peter F. Drucker Summary

Image_Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker

Managing oneself help you to know the answer to the following question that makes your life meaningful.

  • How to take responsibility at work?
  • Where I belong?
  • What are my values?
  • How I memorize thing?
  • Who am I, a reader or a listener?
  • What are my strength?

Knowing the answer of all questions can make you a top-level performer in our field.

Who am I decision maker or advisor?

A crucial question to ask.

Who am I?

A decision maker or an advisor. Because some people work well as a decision maker while others as an advisor. An advisor cannot take the burden of decision-making. However, decision maker need an advisor to force them to think.

Focus on your strength.

People think they know their strength, but the opposite is true.

They know their weakness.

You should know your strength; otherwise, you will not perform well in your community.

The best approach to discover your strength is through feedback analysis method.

In this method when you take actions, you will note down what you expect to happen after 10-12 months. Then, compare the real result with the expectation. Through this, you will find out an area that requires improvement.

After, 1-2 years, this will show you where your strength lies. And the process of analyzing your outcome with expectation help you to understand what you are doing or failing to do. It will also show you an area where you have no strength.

A Person should not choose a field in which he has no talent, skills, or interest.

Because he will only waste his time and efforts on improving an area of inability. It takes more energy to improve an area of inability than to improve the area from mediocre to excellence.

Know your Values.

To manage yourself, you should know your value.

Your values define your behavior.

To grow yourself in an organization, your values should be same with organization values. If not, it should be close enough to coexist. Otherwise, an organization with different values make your life frustrated.

How I Memorize?

To enhance your performance at work. You should know how you learn.

People learn in a different way.

Some people learn by reading others learn by speaking or writing. Most writers learn by writing.

What is your way of learning?

Once you understand, the way you learn. You can act on this knowledge and can become an influential person in your field.

My performance level.

You should know how you get things done.

People do not know how to carry out their work.

Even people do not aware that there are different methods of doing things. Too many people work in the same way to get results.

But, everyone has a unique style of doing things.

It depends upon your personality and upbringing. The way you do your work is a given. You could slightly change the way, even that is too hard to do. Eat that frog shows you a different way of doing things.

Suggested Reading: The Productivity Project.

Where you belong?

A small number of people know where they belong. Some people know about this, after passing their mid-twenties.

If you are unable to find where you belong.

You can do the opposite and find out where you do not belong. So, it enables you to say NO to a job that does not align with your values.

Once you know the answer where you belong.

You can build a successful career. Because successful career is create on value, strength, and the method of working.

What are my responsibility at work?

You should know how you perform your work. Either you perform individual or in a team. Because some people work best in a team while others work as an individual, only few people can work alone and produce an effective result.

Majority of people can only produce result when working with a team. Managing yourself requires you to take responsibility for your colleague as well as your work.

You should understand that other people are as personal as you are. It means they have their strength, weakness, values, and way of doing things.

This sounds obvious but only minority of people pay attention to it.

Once you understand this and take responsibility for your communication. You will able to communicate effectively with your teammates.

Am I a reader or a listener?

You might be a reader or listener. If you are a reader, then you will grab information with notes while listeners grab information via listening.

Knowing this helps you to grab the information easily and reduce the time require for learning.

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Above article is the extract version of the book “Managing Oneself” written by “Peter Drucker”.

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