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Maximum Achievement Summary


Four Major cause of negative emotions.

  1. Justification.
  2. Identification.
  3. Lack of consideration.
  4. Blaming.

Law’s of Life.

Law of correspondence:

Law of correspondence says your inner world reflects your outer world. It means what you think inside will become outside. If you have a kind, loving thought from inside. It will appear outside.

Law of cause and effect:

Law of cause and effect says everything happens in your life either good or bad.

There must be a specific cause.

The cause must be hiding in your thought. Your thoughts are primarily responsible for your present circumstances.

Law of belief:

Law of belief state that whatever you believe in your mind. It will become your reality.

Law of use:

The law of use say if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Law of substitute:

Law of substitute state you can replace any thought in our subconscious mind.

Law of subconscious:

Law of subconscious state the thought you repeatedly whispering in your conscious mind. Then, the subconscious mind take it as a command and bring it in reality.

Law of attraction:

Law of attraction says we attract people with same frequency and behavior as our.

Activating Your subconscious mind.

  1. Start thinking about your goal.
  2. Men and women begin to become great when they start spending time alone.
  3. Daydreaming and relaxing on a park bench trigger your subconscious mind.
  4. Classic music, sound of birds, deep relaxation, and meditation also active your subconscious mind.

Major cause of stress and negative emotion.

  • Worry is a process of thinking negative in your conscious mind.
  • Lack of purpose and meaning produce stress and negative emotions in our life.
  • Anger can stop the growth of a body.

    The bible said, “It reduces the flow of energy.” Remember, no one is responsible for your stress except you. But, it is not about you can’t do anything. Whispering phrase like “I am responsible” in your conscious mind to reduce the power of stress.

  • Fear of rejection. In reality, the truth is rejection work like fuel in our life. It motivates us to do more.
  • Procrastination.

Things you should know when you are in a relationship.

  • An unhappy relationship robs your happiness more surely than any other single factor.
  • No one else cares about your relationship as much as you do.
  • If you are not happy. You can’t solve the situation. Do what makes you happy. You can never make someone else happy by being miserable yourself. Only happy folk can make other happy.
  • A supportive relationship serves as the foundation upon which you can build a wonderful life.

Steps to improve your relationship:

  • The first step to improve a relationship is to be agreeable. Never say you are wrong with your partner. Respect your partner opinion.
  • If your partner is wrong, don’t argue with him/her.
  • Appreciation is the third step to raise self-esteem and to improve the quality of our relationship. Appreciate your partner for the small effort he/she made for you.
  • Immediately appraising the person for the good thing he/she has done. Appraising the person in the public place boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • A relationship is like a boomerang. You will get, what you give.
  • Admiration is a great tool to increase human relation. Compliment another folk for the small or great thing he had accomplished in his life.

How to set goals.

  • Visualization is a step to create a mental picture of the thing you want in life.

    Once you specify what you want. You can intensify your desires and deepen your belief with the help of these four elements. An increase in any one of them will accelerate your power to produce the things in reality.

    The first element is frequency. How often you visualize your future event, the behavior will produce the powerful impact on your thinking, feelings, and acting.

    The second element is vividness. This refers to the clarity of the image you visualize in your mind. The more clarity you produce in your head. The more effect it causes on your power to obtain in reality.

    The third element is intensified, This refers to the amount of emotion that you combine with your mental images. When you have deep faith or when you are excited and enthusiastic about your goals. This will create much impact on your thinking.

    The Fourth element is the duration. This refers to the how long you will maintain a clear mental picture of the things you want.

  • Affirmation is a second mental programming technique to attract your goals.

    Affirmations are based on the three “P’s”: Positive, present tense, personal. Affirmation work like commands from conscious mind to the subconscious mind.

  • The third technique to programme your mind is to walk, talk and act exactly in the same way. You imagine yourself in your mind.
  • Associate yourself with other positive people.
  • Feed your conscious mind with words and images in the field you want growing.
  • The sixth technique is to verbally saying loud of your goal in front of the mirror.


  • You can boost your self-esteem by repeatedly saying “I love myself” in front of the mirror.
  • Make a decision that you are going to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Nothing is going to stop you. And doesn’t forget this final point. Your subconscious mind gives you a final test just before you arrive at your destination.
  • A successful life merely a series of successful days, hours, and minutes.
  • Lack of love is the cause of behavior problem in a person. Love is the not only the answer to solve the problem. It also cures most of the problem.

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Above article is the extract version of the book “Maximum Achievement” written by “Brian Tracy”.

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