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  • Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. These two character belongs to a different planet So, their way of living, handling stress behavior was different from each other.
  • Men are like a rubber band. Because rubberband stretched to a certain point and then fall back to its original position.
    When the man enters into relation. He has the desire to pleased his woman. This’s a basic men characteristics. No matter where he lived. Man has the same desire to pleasure his woman.
    Due to this, when man reached a certain point in his relationship. He started getting off. Because of his desire to please her woman. He ignores his care. But at a certain level. He realized it is the time to take some care of himself.
    Due to this, his woman thought. He is going to leave her. But, he is going to take care of himself. And, then when he finally fulfill his need. He will come back to his spouse. Women you need to understand, during this period. Men will definitely not going to begin the conversation. But, he will not deny talking to you. Only if you start a conversation.
  • Women behave like emotional waves. Women emotions are not static. It changes continuously. Sometimes it goes up and later it went down. She is happy, joyous, thrilled her emotions go up. On the other side, she feels sad, when her emotion went down. She would think and feel all the worst scenario that could happen.
    In the meantime, a man tried to lift her emotion. But this makes the matter worst. Because her emotion can’t go up until she hit the bottom. Man, you can’t do anything at this period of time. Give her time, she’ll be ok. Be caring and supportive, not sticky.
  • Stress pattern of men and women are completely different from each other. You’ll be astonished how they handle stress. Stress handling pattern of man was quite simple. He goes to the cave(some dark place). Lock himself there for a few hours. So that, he gets calm and relax. While women stress pattern was completely different from men. women feel sad. She visits/called her peer. And start talking to her. She’ll talk until she gets calm. She talks about the present, past and all the topic that causing her stress.
  • To conclude: Conflict arises in conversation. And a man needs to get relax. Meanwhile, the woman wants to talk. So, it’s better for women to allow him to go. In the meantime, you can call your peer and go shopping. So, man return from his cave with a calm and relax mind. And you too were relax then there is less change to conflict.
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