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Power Relationships Summary

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Simple-Short-Summary: There are a handful of laws that decide whether your connections with your colleagues, clients, and colleagues will flourish or vanish, and how aligning with these laws help you to grow your network, however, ignoring them will squander your hard work and making new connections will look like labor.

This book is for people who want to make strong connections with clients, boost their careers by making professional connections, and for people who wish to grow their network.

Power Relationship Summary

Lesson: A – Creating a small group of right-minded people can skyrocket your growth

Lesson: B – Make your objective to help others in reaching their goal

Lesson: C – By being intriguer, you can spice up your connection and lay the foundation of trust

Lesson: A – Creating a small group of right-minded people can skyrocket your growth

Some people are good at making new friends in every instance while others prefer to keep a small circle of close friends. However, having close friends are far better than having a group of large people who hardly contact each other.

In fact, when making powerful connections, you should form a group of close friends. Thus, a strong relation with few apostles is far better than dozen of connections.

Your social network should be consist of ten to fifteen supporters who help one another to thrive and support each other in its project. People from certain streams you must have in your connection such as advisors, collaborators, donors, and anybody who is ready to lend a helping hand.

It’s far better to make an effort to connect with these people now instead of waiting for the right time. Otherwise, a day will come when you’ll be in a situation at which you wish you should have connected with these streams of people.

Possibly, you’ll never know which connections come to your assistance in the near future. Therefore, you should connect with every people you encounter personally or professionally.

Of course, it doesn’t express that you should only opt for people who have already succeed in their careers. Thus, focus on making connections with the one who shares the same values and interests as your rather than focusing on their current position or power.

In any case, people who grab success late in their life rarely allow outsiders into their connections. Thus, building connections with people who are in the early stage of their careers would be more beneficial for you.

Another tip to consider while building a fruitful network of people is to ensure that you’re connecting with those whose traits and ideas are diverse from yours.

Therefore, by creating a network of diverse connections in the early stage of your life, you’ll open up yourself to the future opportunities that your connection may provide to you.

Lesson: B – Make your objective to help others in reaching their goal

When it comes to gain benefits from the network, people usually think of the things that they want to acquire from it. However, in power relationships, the aim is to think about what you can give to others.

It’s the next law of power relationship in which you support others by showing your unwavering belief and confidence in them.

You can strengthen any connection by helping others. Whenever guiding others in attaining their goal, make sure you’re generous and kind as these two factors often form strong connections.

Even little acts of kindness like giving a genuine comment or turning up to a sick friend can immensely increase the quality of the relationship with that person.

Therefore, for building powerful connections give some thought to helping your colleagues by understanding their needs and priorities – professionally so you can offer your support in attaining their goals.

Remember, like a boomerang, your generosity would likely return to you.

Lesson: C – By being intriguer, you can spice up your connection and lay the foundation of trust

Once you set the stage to build powerful connections, you can take it to the next level by deepening your relationship with people you’ve just connected with. To do this, you need to establish trust.

Of course, trust doesn’t come from somewhere. It only breeds when you give it to others. With no trust, the newly formed connection is destiny to fail.

Moreover, nobody benefits from distrust. So, when you trust your customers, you forge a lifetime connection with them.

Another law for forging a powerful connection is to save your relation from becoming tedious by frequently changing your surroundings. This’s also the reason why researchers have said the couples who frequently alter the way they entice one another in their date night feel more close with each other compare with the ones who do the same things in every interaction.

Taking this into consideration try to spice things up by changing routine and location to make your time memorable with your potential clients and business associate. Thus, for the next interaction, you should schedule a conference at a different location rather than visiting the same place again.

Choose a new place to visit in which your business associates, and you can gain an unique experience.

What’s Next?

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Lesson: B – Showing vulnerable emotions will empower you to create and sustain connection

Lesson: C – Your brain divides into three layers so that each layer serves its purpose

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