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What is law of average with example?

Law of average assists you to generate a constant result over a long time. It states if you do the same activity under a constant condition. Then, the outcome will be constant.

Example: In the childhood of author, the author sells pens, blanket, and bed linens. He finds out that if he calls five customers then three would give him an appointment. In three customers, he will only able to give appointment to two customers. As the third one was unable to contact for some reason. In these two customers who listen to the presentation, one would buy the product. Through this author make a 45$ commission. It means every five people author calls, he ends up with the 45$ commission.

This law prevents you to look at the negative side of network marketing. As it does not focus on four people but it assists you to understand with every five calls, you will get one customer.

In network marketing, it is not about convincing folk to buy your product. It is all about meeting with new folk and building rapport with them. The key success in network marketing is to make new calls every day and connect with many people.

Combining four skills to get ‘Yes’ from customer side.

1. The first step is to describe yourself. So the customer will open up with you. Describe yourself break the gap between you and your customer. As you carry out the first step, you will get some common interest to fuel your conversation.

2. Once you describe yourself, it is time to find a primary motivating force(PMF) of your customer. PMF is helpful to motivate your customer and connect with an emotional level. If you are not aware of the Priming motivating force. Let me tell you, primary motivating force, force your customer to take part in network marketing business. Check out this list of words that motivate others: Extra income, Financial freedom, owning the business, more leisure hours, helping others, meeting with new folk, and early retirement.

3. Showing plan is a vital process, as it defines that your customer will join you or not. You should include a primary motivating force to make your plan more powerful. It also assists your customer to believe that this plan fulfills their hopes and dreams.

You can also use customer vocabulary to make your plan more powerful. As it motivates customers to take part in the network marketing business.

4. Once you complete all the above mention steps. Your customer will fire up to join a network marketing business. Ask your customer to join, and then take him/her through the form fill process.

Skills for powerful Presentation.

1. Nodding is an unconscious body moment. It is mostly used in agreement. Example: If you nod your head in conversation. Then, the customer will also nod their head in agreement. As nodding is an outer reflection of inner feeling. It says unconsciously to keep the conversation going.

2. Make a harmonize balance of rate of speech with your customer. Your rate of speech matters while making agreements with customers. Speaking too fast and too slow hamper your kinship with customers. Match your rate of speech with a customer to maintain balance.

3. Mirroring is a conscious body moment, we do mirroring to make another person feel special. It uses to build rapport. As it says “you are like me” and help you to build connections. Mirroring includes tone of voice, facial expression, and sitting position. But some folk know about mirroring. So, do not mirror too early in an interaction with other people.

4. Use minimal encourages word to add more meaning in conversation. Here is the list of few minimal encourage words: I see, un-huh, really, and tell me more.

5. Use your pen to explain your plan. A study shows information present in visual form and then translate in audio, have more impact and can recall easily. And information collected through this form stays longer in our memory.

6. A bridging technique uses when your customer uses one-word reply in conversation. It forces him to speak more. Words used in bridging technique: meaning, so that, then you, and which means. After using one of these words, you should stay silent for the next few seconds. You can also fuel up this technique by mixing other techniques. In conversation after using one of the above words. You can lean towards your customer and open your palm. It indicates, it is customer chance to speak.

Unconscious sign of negative body language.

Negative body languages include: rubbing your hand, pain in the neck, and pulling your collar.

1. Rubbing your hands display two emotions. It depends on the way you rub your hand. Fast rubbing hands show excitement while slow rubbing hand shows personal benefit.

2. Pulling your collar in conversation show aggressiveness. As aggressiveness cause you sensation on the neck that latter cause you to pull collar.

3. Pain in the neck comes under negative body language. It shows the frustration in doer. The frustration causes to rub neck.

Having a negative body language is not strange things until you are not aware of it. But once you are aware, you should pay close attention to change negative body language.

Positive body language that helps you to make kinship with other.

1. Slightly lean your body when you are in face to face conversation. You can see many top-level communicators sit on the edge of a chair. As this body language shows interest in other people.

2. Tilting the head says, I am interested in your conversation. It is the unconscious body moment that says I love to talk with you and agree with your points.

Different way of handshaking and finding the perfect one.

Few habits that do not teach us in school but impact most of our life. Palm gesture is one of them. Palm gesture uses in giving direction or making requests to another folk. You can use three palm gestures: palm up, palm-down, and plan-closed while using an index finger to point. But, the first two makes others feel threatened as you are giving orders. So we move to the third one. The palm-up gestures use by the top-level communicator. As it assists you to build rapport and would not push other people of edge. As it looks like you are requesting them.

Making your right hand free for handshake.

We are habitual of holding cups, purse, book, and briefcase in right hand. But sometimes you need the right hand for handshake. At that time, this tiny habit makes you feel stupid. As you need to transfer your stuff from right to left hand to make your right hand free for handshake. So make a habit of holding stuff in the left hand. This habit is helpful as you were holding briefcase in your left hand and suddenly your friend appear. Now, you do not need to transfer your stuff to another hand so it becomes a lot easier for you to shake your hand.

Power of smile.

Smile gesture attracts people towards you. It creates a friendly atmosphere around you. Once you are capable of creating a friendly atmosphere. People love to talk to you, stand beside you, make more eye contact and touch you more.

Dressing appearance matter.

The way you dress shows your attitude, trustworthiness, social status and authority. As cloth cover 90% of your body so you should pay close attention to what you are wearing.

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