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See You At The Top Summary

See You At The Top Summary

See You At The Top was initially refused by 30 publishing houses before it publishes — later it becomes the best-seller and sells over 1,707,000 copies. Zig Ziglar, who honored by Silver Buffalo Award, Lifetime Member Award, and Master of Influence Award, writes 33 books, innumerable videos, live presentations, and recordings which influence over 250 million people.

Simple Short Summary: In See You At The Top, Zig Ziglar describes that to improve your life you have to go step-by-step and these steps are attitude, goals, relationship, self-image, and work.

In this book, See You At The Top, I learn three lessons:

  1. Easy-to-implement eight–step to improve your self-image
  2. Determination and persistency transform you into a top-level player
  3. Obstacles can turn into opportunities and pave the path for success

See You At the Top Summary

(Reading Time: 5 minutes)

Easy-to-implement eight–step to improve your self-image

Do you like yourself? If not, people will not either. Improving self-image is about taking care of yourself and others. You can reform your self-identity by enhancing your appearance. Psychologists even say that the self-image is the foundation of your personality.

Hence, to renovate your self-image takes care of the following activities because these activities can enhance your self-image or degrade it.

  1. If you’re overweight change your physical appearance because you may hear the stories of people who are overweight, shy, cowardly, but after losing weight, they become physically fit and gain confidence. Therefore, once you change your physical appearance, you influence your self-image.
  2. Dressing improves your self-image. The way you present yourself to the world speaks as who you’re as an individual. Therefore, pair the color of clothing that makes you look attractive, and try different hairstyles, until you find something that suits you.
  3. Be careful with the people, you spend your time with because others can either create your self-image or destroy it, hence choose your people wisely, and spend your time with others who build your self-image.
  4. Hand around with the people who build confidence and improve your public speaking skills. Join self-help groups like Toastmasters or Dale Carnegie because, in the community, others have worthwhile goals, enthusiasm, and passions that quickly change the way you feel about yourself and impact your self-image.
  5. Read inspiring biographies, because life is difficult. You know. Therefore, reading will guide you. Stories of Andrew Carnegie, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington can teach you about tough times and how to overcome obstacles. With these messages, you able to motivate yourself and pave the path for your journey.
  6. Write down all the positive qualities, you’ve. Listing your virtues feed your self-image when you don’t think about your virtues, you start believing in others’ opinions. Others may say good or bad about you, but you shouldn’t influence by this. Therefore, invest some time in strengthening all the virtues you have.
  7. If you want to achieve your goal, you’ve to set small goals and work systematically. In the beginning, you should take short steps. Taking short steps and achieving tiny goals give a sense of victory which makes you feel better and boosts your self-image. However, when you try to do everything, you won’t able to do anything.
  8. When you feel, you don’t accomplish much in your life. You feel depressed and hopeless. However, as you know who you‘re and the activities you can do well. You can make a list of all the victories you make – victory list. A victory list reminds you of what you’ve accomplished and motivated you to do more.

Determination and persistency transform you into a top-level player

Success requires hard work. So, if you want to become successful like Bill gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, you’ve to work 40+ hours a workweek. You won’t see a person who builds a fortune by working eight hours a day and six days a week.

For example, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, in his early days, works 12 hours a day and seven days a week.

Some people have determination to succeed that makes them prosperous. For example Harry S Truman who failed in several businesses and went broke, but Harry knows if he works hard with positive attitude. With time, he’ll become successful.

Later, Harry S Truman becomes the president of United state. However, it’s not easy to turn your failures into successes, but doing so helps you achieve a career that you never imagine.

With a intense desire but little talent, a person can accomplish far more from the person who even has talent and desire. Thus, desire help people to hone their talent. For instance, John Havlicek basket player was known for his ‘perpetual motion’ on the court. He has intense desire to be the best player so in every game he give 300% of himself.

However, you might win lottery and gain money, but that money isn’t stable. For example, Sharon, who won $10.5 million amount in Hamilton lotto winner, was catching the bus to her part time job, after 9 years. So, she can support her kids and pay the rent. In fact, a survey finds that the people who won lottery aren’t wealthy after seven years. Besides, they get back to the same salary job as they’ve before winning the lottery.

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Obstacles can turn into opportunities and pave the path for success

No matter how diligent you work, obstacles will always pop up while you work towards your goal. Besides, you can’t do anything except you can control, how you react to the events.

Hence, a positive approach is essential that helps you to find a better solution in a negative situation. The positive approach comes with positive thinking thus the most significant and influencing thought is the one you tell to yourself.

Research of Harvard University discloses that attitude is far more important than knowledge when it comes to achieving goals. Research says that 85% of your accomplishment is depend on your positive attitude while 15 % is depend on your technical expertise and intelligence.

For instance, some people are intelligent, ambitious, and have successful habits but still don’t become because they allow themselves to fall into the trap of negative thinking – stinkin’ thinkin’.

However, to change your attitude, wake up and do sit up, claps your hands, and say ‘Today is a great day! I’ll take advantage of the opportunities in front of me.‘ This may sound absurd, but it works.

Activities like taking shower or signing something cheerful will make you feel better. As you can’t change your negative attitude or emotions with logic, but you can act happy and guess what? You’ll become happy.

In 1930s, a minor league baseball team was going through a losing streak. Because the team members started to blame others for their blunder.

However, the manger decided to find a solution of this problem, so he asks from a faith healer to bless two bats, so that the team would win. The idea inspires team members and their attitude change. The team begins to win the game and even win the pennant in the Texas league series. Therefore, positive thinking’s benefits come when you change your attitude.

In our society today, flood of negativity flows from news and social media. To combat this, make an effort to use positive words instead of negative one and watch what kinds of words you use frequently.

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See You At the Top Review

The book, See You At The Top, helps you to improve your greatest asset – You. To improve yourself, Ziglar shares the concept of taking stairs because there’s no shortcut, and you can’t even take one. You’ve to go step-by-step. These steps are attitude, desire, goals, proactive, relationship, self-image, and work.

The book is easy to digest since Ziglar conveys his lessons in short stories and personal experiences. Although, it shares the same advice as most self-improvement books contain, but the anecdotes, actionable steps, researches, and references are unique.

I would like to recommend the book to anyone who is starting his self-improvement journey or as a refresher to anyone who is deep into self-improvement.

Favorite Quote From The Book:

‘You can get everything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.’ — Zig Ziglar

‘The way you see life will largely determine what you get out of it.’ — Zig Ziglar

‘Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs.’ ― Zig Ziglar

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