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  • To deliver a perfect presentation, you need to find out the best material to spread to your audience. The material defines your identity. So, it becomes important that the content you are going to deliver have a deep connection with you. A deep knowledge of the content and a desire to share your knowledge with others can increase the greatly impact your presentation.
  • You cannot inspire other until and unless you do not have the ability to inspire yourself. Tedious chap never has the ability to motivate and energized other. The leader who has the deep knowledge of his topic can easily express his passion and enthusiasm for the reader.
  • Your question defines your path that leads to success. Becoming the best on something you have to practice daily. Practice is not only the key to success, but you need to figure out what you love to do. In this book, author dress up this question like: “What makes your heart sing?”
  • If you are motivated to share your thought with others then you will be less nervous on the stage. Successful communicator cannot wait to share their thoughts and ideas. The goal of successful people is to make their audience live better.
  • To deliver a powerful presentation. Your presentation must start with a story of ill fortune that leads you to fortune. If you do not have your own story. You can deliver someone else’s story. Even, you can deliver a brand and product story as it helps your audience to experience your content at a higher level.

    A story is a form of human communication in which the storyteller express his thoughts, viewpoint, and an idea to an audience with the assist of real and fiction character onto a stage and showing what happens to these character over a period of time.

  • Stories are of three kinds. Personal stories that add values to your presentation directly. The second story is the story of others people, you can use in your presentation. However, it does not have that much impact. The last story is the story of a product and services.
  • Do not narrate your story. Take your audience with you from ill fortune to good fortune. Nobody likes a tedious story. Fill up your story with an image so that your reader can imagine with you at the time of the event.
  • To improve your verbal delivery. You need to look at four aspects: pose, pitch, rate, and volume. A rate is defined as the speed at which you speak. Volume is the frequency of your voice (high or low). Pitch is explained as a high and low curve of voice and the last is a pause. Pause is a frequent break (short break to calm your breath) you take during the speech.
  • Practice your presentation until you develop an ability to present your content naturally. Deliver your content in a fascinating way so that your audience make a connection with you and your content. Your presentation looks like you are having a conversation with your audience. If you are nervous on the stage then definitely you are going to accelerate the rate of speech. As we all know, if we become nervous we accelerate our rate of speech and decrease the sound of a voice. Maintain a word limit from (150 – 300) words per minute but the speed varies from the type of conversation you are doing. Tony Robbins the great motivational speaker spoke 240 words per minutes.
  • Sticking with the same rate of speed would make your speech tedious. No matter how compelling the content. Make your goal is to inform and entertain your reader. If you are not satisfied with previous sentences and want to dig deeper, try to mix these three ingredients: visual, interesting, and entertaining in your recipe (content of presentation). Some folk entertain an audience by doing facial expression, gestures, and body language so that they can easily connect with the audience.
  • In a study show that A chap has a deep knowledge of his topic, have confidence, dress well, polish their shoes, do a firm handshake and make strong eye contact with others.
  • In a study, a group of a student told that to stretch their arm as far as they could and hold there for two minutes. At the end of this study when results came out. The research found that this single activity can boost their confidence level up to 15%. In the end, the research concluded how we think and feel our mind, and body changes accordingly.
  • The great business presentation took 100+ hours of crafting and practicing the content. The outstanding presentation looks like a tip of an iceberg. Nobody knows how much speaker works for it.
  • Concise your presentation within 140 words. Before going into the pool of information. Let’s your audience know what you are going to talk about. It gave them an idea what you are going to talk and helps them to understand the content more deeply.
    “The author said, ‘the 140 words heading of a topic is tweeter headline’. The 140 words headline works as it simplifies the content and the other reason help you to clarify your key message to your listener”.
  • Delivering an outstanding performance requires a lot of effort. You have to spend several hours in crafting and practicing your content. Dress up your content so it fascinates your listener. As soon as you relate your content to listener daily life, you are going to connect your audience with you. Nobody wants tedious content that they hear many times.
  • Create a jaw-dropping moment in your presentation. You can do this by adding shocks, surprises, impressive information in your presentation. It helps others to remember your content even after the presentation.
  • Begin your presentation with a story, even before starting powerpoint slides. It is a movie strategy that director use. As every movie has its one remarkable scene that everyone remembers even after the movie is over.
  • Giving a powerful presentation helps you to connect with an audience. The more senses you add in your presentation: seeing, touching, feelings. The better you connect with your audience. Your audience connects more vividly to your content and less distracting. Remember both surprise and fear arise emotions.
  • The brain wired to recall information that was uploaded more vividly in our brain. This is the reason why we remember past (unpleasant and pleasant moment) as it has intense feelings, either positive or negative. If you want to stand out in a sea of average presentation. Insert a high dose of emotion in your content. In short, “Add wow moment in your presentation”. Wow, moments can be composed by any of these things: a video, surprise guest, a story, or a personal anecdote. It takes practice to break down the barrier and connects with your audience in a better way.
  • The ideal presentation is the length of 18 minutes. It is enough time for the reader to perceive your message. Making a long presentation may distract your audience but if you are going to deliver a presentation which is more than eighteen minutes. Add some ingredient in your presentation: videos, pictures, and short clips. Demonstrate them in every ten minutes.
  • The three A ’s: attitude, awareness, and authenticity can make your life awesome. Choosing your attitude will determine your future. It depends on your attitude how you deal when dark clouds start circling you.
    Awareness is described in term of ’embracing yourself with three-year girl/boy within you. The one who sees everything like he/she was seeing for the first time.
    The last one is authenticity is all about you. To do things, you love to do. When you do what you love you end up following your heart.
  • The rule of three is used as our brain consume three different pieces of information once at a time. If you try to put more information, it would throw up. Use this magic number in your presentation. Summaries your presentation (ideal time 18 minutes) into three key point (six minutes each). It helps you to deliver your topic more precisely.
  • Senses can improve the impact of your presentation. Senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. A study shows that brains remember more data when the data communicate via sense. Example: Two groups provided with the same information. One group provided information via text mode and for the other group provided via visual mode (combination of text and picture). In the end, the study reveals that the student taught via visual mode remember more data than the others.
  • In the process of making presentation slides, use pictures, ideas rather than text alone. Text alone makes your content tedious. In TED author discover the most successful communicator use less than forty words in first ten slides. The average folks made slides contain 30-40 words but it is impossible to find one PowerPoint slides in TED which contains that much amount of words.

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