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  • At the beginning of any business. You should not focus on making a customer happy. Instead, focus on generating more customers. But, before applying the above strategy. You must make sure that you’re providing satisfactory services to your customer. Keep this star phrase in your mind. You can’t make every single customer happy. Thus, the key to increasing customer satisfaction is to increase the number of customers.
  • Target your goals ten times higher than what you do.
  • Don’t focus on competition. Instead, think about how you can dominate your market.
  • Never reduce your goals. Instead, increase your actions to reach your goals. If you start reducing your goals with time. Then, you’re giving up on your dream.
  • The average employs work 37.5 hours a week, read one book per year. And earn 319 times less than the most successful people, who average read 60 books per year.

Four Degree of Action

  • Don’t do anything:These types of people do nothing in their life. They’re happy with what life throws to them. Sign of these type of people is boredom.
  • Retreating: Taking action in reverse what we called retreating. These folks are afraid of life negative experience. And tried to avoid as possible.
  • Taking Normal Action: Middle-class people belong to this category. They stick with single goals and happy with that. They’re also called average people.
  • Taking massive action: This is the only degree of action that you need to be successful in any field. People who take massive action will succeed.

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