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The 48 Laws of Power Summary | Rystandard

Image - The 48 Laws of Power Book by Robert Greene

Law: 1: To gain the height of power, make your master more brilliant than he is. Do not go too far in display your talent that your master will begin to feel insecure.

Law: 2: Never show your purpose behind your action. Your enemy does not have clues what you are up to. So he will not prepare for the defense. Guide an enemy to a wrong path, by the time, he will realize your purpose. It will be too late for him to prepare for defense.

Law: 3: While trying to impress people with words, the more you speak, the less common you become. Saying something banal will seem original if you make it vague. Do not clarify everything. As powerful people impress others by saying less.

Law: 4: Reputation is the foundation of power. Reputation alone can intimidate others. But once you lose it. You will become vulnerable and can attack from all sides. Guard your reputation at all costs before anyone can attack, meanwhile learn how to make a hole in an enemy reputation.

Law: 5: Everything is judge by appearance. Never allow yourself to disappear in the crowd. Make yourself a magnet by appearing more colorful and mysterious.

Law: 6: Use the knowledge and legwork of other people for your progress. Not only this will save your valuable time and energy but increase the chances of success. In the end, your helper will forget and you will remember in the memory of the people. Never allow yourself to do the work that other people can do for you.

Law: 7: Unstable emotional states can be infectious as diseases. You will feel you are helping her, but, in reality, you are inviting your disaster. Associating with such people will cause you harm.

Law: 8: Never teach other people enough so they can work without you. Let other people depend on you for happiness and prosperity. Keep maintain your independence, because the more people depend on you, the more freedom you will have.

Law: 9: Selective honesty and generosity can make a hole in the armor of the most suspicious person. Once you make a hole, you can deceive and manipulate your victim at will. Use selective honesty to disarm the power of your victim.

Law: 10: Before asking for help uncover something in your request that will benefit your peer. Your peer will respond enthusiastically if he can gain benefit for himself.

Law: 11: The more you see and hear, the common you become. When you are a member of a group. Temporary withdrawal will enhance your respect and make people more talk about you.

Law: 12: You need to protect yourself from an enemy. As the world is a dangerous place and enemies are everywhere. A fort looks like a safe place to live. But, it cut you off from the valuable information and make you an easy target. It is better to surround yourself with other people. As your peer will protect you from bad guys.

Law: 13: To become the master of your freedom. Do not take sides to anyone. It is a fool who rushes to take side. Never commit to anyone except yourself. And you will become the master of your freedom.

Law: 14: When you find yourself weaker than enemy surrender yourself. Do not fight for honor. Never give the satisfaction to your opponent to fight and defeating you. Surrender gives you time to plan future activities and help you to recover from the pain.

Law: 15: Do not follow the rule of society pass on you. Re-create your new identity rather than letting people define your identity. An identity that demands attention and never bores to anyone. Wear dramatic devices in public meetings that enhance your personality.

Law: 16: Never try to do an activity that you are unsure of the outcome. Your doubt and hesitation will affect your execution. It is better to execute a decision with boldness. As everyone admires the bold, no one honors the timidity.

Law: 17: Plan your journey to the end, as the ending is everything. While planning identity possible obstacles and consequences that might hold your success. Planning helps you to know when to stop and guide you through the journey.

Law: 18: Make your victory looks effortless. Avoid the temptation of telling everyone how hard you work. Never show your struggle to anyone. Do not unfold the tricks you learned throughout your journey, otherwise, others will use it against you.

Law: 19: Play with your victims. Let your victim feels he is in control but your puppet. Give him options that come in your favor, make him choose between two evils both of which serve your purpose. Always put your victim in doubt.

Law: 20: Everyone has a weakness. Weakness is usually an insecurity, an uncontrolled emotion, or a need. Once you find the weakness, you can thumbscrew to turn your enemy to use it to your advantage.

Law: 21: The way you dress up yourself will define how others will treat you. Looking unpleasant and vulgar will decrease your reputation and make you feel awful. Acting royal and confidence will enhance your character.

Law: 22: Never look out of time. Look patience as you already know when you will get everything. Become a detective of time and sniff out the right moment. Learn to stand back, when time is not right. And act cursorily when the time is right.

Law: 23: It is better to leave things alone. Acknowledging a tiny problem will increase its credibility and existence. A tiny mistake will become worse when you try to fix it. If something you want but cannot have show disdain for it. Because the less interest you will show, the more powerful you will become.

Law: 24: You should always look calm and ambition, as anger and emotions are ineffective. But, if you learn to make your enemy angry while you stay calm. You will gain a decided advantage that you can use to off-balance your enemy.

Law: 25: Everyone understands the need to change with time. And if you get a position of power and you want to make changes. Do it gently. Respect the old way of doing things and begin by making slightly changes with time.

Law: 26: Do not allow success to go in your head. The moment of victory is the moment of danger. Because in the heat of victory, overconfidence can push you and by going too far. You will make far more enemies than you defeat. The best approach is to set a goal and stop when you reach it.

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