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Summary In Two Lines

A checklist helps us to carry out a complex task with ease. It provides a step of procedure to complete tasks with no failure.

Key Points

  • Checklist is divided into two sorts. Good Checklist and Bad checklist. Good checklist is short and easy to implement while bad checklist is lengthy and hard to implement.
  • Type of Problems. The problem divided into three types: Simple, Complicated, and Complex problem. Simple problem is like baking cake. You can do it by watching videos on YouTube. Complicated Problem is sending rocket to the Moon. It is hard to do and even you may fail many times. And once you do it. You can do it again. Complex problem is bringing up a child. Because you can’t use similar method for every child. Every child has his love language.
  • Checklist set a boundary line to prevent failure.
  • In the time of crisis, checklist not only helps us. It provided a way to get success.
  • In ICU, when doctors and nurses perform an operation. They create their own checklist for the things that need to do regularly. This simple act reduces the time duration of patients in the intense care unit.
  • Length of the checklist should not exceed than 10-15 lines.
  • A checklist is also used to carry out our daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly or even yearly tasks. Creating a checklist in our daily life not only prevent us from distractions. It also assists to keep concentrate on the major tasks of the day.
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