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The Compound Effect Summary

The Compound Effect

An advisor, a keynote speaker, and success magazine former publisher Darren Hardy is the author of the best-selling book The Compound Effect.

Simple Short Summary: The book reveals that your daily choices will decide either you’re taking your life towards disaster or making something magical of it since you’re solely responsible for making healthy habits, pushing your comfort zone, and hence transforming your life, thus your persistent progress with patience will compound with time and shape your life.

The Compound Effect Summary

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In this book, the Compound Effect, you will learn three lessons:

Lesson: A – Trivial Little choices will compound and hamper your triumph

Lesson: B – Your right habit will support and sustain your momentum

Lesson: C – Have faith and continue to move forward, compound effects will show its effect

Lesson: A – Trivial Little choices will compound and hamper your triumph

Little choices will shape your destiny. Your trivial decisions or choices will compound and prevent you from acquiring more wealth or a better physique.

An example of small choices would allow yourself to eat unhealthy spicy chips. Eating unhealthy, even for a once, will break the momentum of eating healthy.

Making numerous wrong decisions will compound and result in either add an extra layer of fat on your abdomen or make you bankrupt. Then, instead of accepting and acknowledging these mistakes, you will provide self-justification to support your blunder.

You give an excuse for making bad choices as it is difficult to acknowledge your mistake. You, however, are solely responsible for your actions.

To overcome this, you have to make the right decision that connects you with your goals. Goals can easily guide you to make the right choices.

With the right choices, you can add positive habits and remove the negative ones. Remember, thinking positive will attract positive things in your life.

Think, what are you aiming at and what brings smile on your face? Consider these areas such as business, family, health, lifestyle, and spirituality. Then, note down characteristics and behaviors you need to develop and implement in your day-to-day life to accomplish your goal.

Do not stop here, cultivating characteristics and behavior are not enough, so you also need to omit bad habits from your routine.

To remove your bad habits make a list of all the bad behaviors you possess so you can eliminate them one by one. For example, you have a habit of eating sweets after your evening meal. To replace these habits with healthy habits, you can choose honey or fruit after your meal.

Moreover, surrounding yourself with people who have similar goals as you is also a very effective technique to achieve your goals.

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Lesson: B – Your right habit will support and sustain your momentum

Making the right decisions will help you to take the initial steps to start your journey. In your journey, your habits will support you in making and sustaining the momentum.

The big momentum occurs when you retain your healthy habits for a really long time which naturally forms a steady rhythm. This steady rhythm will guide you in making precise decisions to go even further.

For example, Michael’s training leads him to grab eight-goal medals in Olympics. You can too take advantage of big momentum but to retain this level of momentum, your ritual must be mix into your daily routine.

Thus, you require a perfect plan or a blueprint. The blueprint will ease your life with new rituals and encourage you to push yourself harder.

Suppose, an uneasiness surge in your body when you think to work out two hours each day. In this case, you should kick off this idea.

Alternatively, start with three to four days a week as it is practical and easy to implement even for beginners.

Remember, while developing momentum, the workout time duration is not significant. Here, the goal is building momentum and following the routine.

The next step is to eliminate people that drift you away from your aims. Because people can influence your mindset, therefore you must hang around with people that support your dream.

Moreover, to eliminate adverse events, you should take actions to add positivity and wipe out negativity from your brain. For instance, you generally reduce the time you watch the news and commercial ads as it drains your potential.

Then, instead of listening news, you should invest time to listen to motivational audiobooks.

The last is to take care of your surroundings because with time you need to change your surroundings for building certain habits.

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Lesson: C – Have faith and continue to move forward, compound effects will show its effect

In your journey, as you keep moving forward, there was a time when you really want to quit as you reach your limit. Then, it depends on either you stay true to your goal or get stuck in the hurdle.

The hurdle is the wall between your old self and your new self.

Eternally, it’s beneficial to force yourself to prepare for the better. Hence, to become better from others, you have to break the limits of your former self to transform into the new self.

Your new self will know how to make sound decisions, create momentum, and build discipline. Thus, crossing personal boundaries will make you more powerful than before.

Moreover, the habit you merge into your routine will show its effect, and soon, you will see the compound result of your hard work and gain more success.

Favorite Quote From The Compound Effect:

Favorite Quote From The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect Review:

The Compound Effect is a step-by-step guide to accumulate success in numerous areas of your life. It is especially for people who are serious about transforming their life as it shows you different ways to view and modifies your behavior along with the path to replace old bad habits with new ones.

With the guidance in this book, you can evaluate your daily steps that end up making a big difference in the long run because we humans do activities unintentionally and make tons of mistakes. Thus, the book is usually for everyone either you want to change a certain behavior or build a business.

The author, Hardy tells that the little steps compound over time and bring an extraordinary effect in your life. So instead of taking big bold steps for a short period, you should take small steps for a really long time.

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