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The Discovery of Five second rule.

One day when Mel Robbins was going to retire for a day. She saw a television program, where a shutter was launching. As she hears the sound of countdown 5 4 3 2 1 than a shutter launch. Then, she decides to launch herself out of bed.
She decides, the next morning, she will get up without thinking about a single thought. Luckily, the next morning alarm ring, then Mel Robbins begins to count from 5 4 3 2 1 and launch herself out of bed. But as she decides to give it a try; remarkably the rule works and she was able to get up in the morning.

How a five second rule can overcome all these areas?

The five second rule is work on you. You have greatness within you. Even at your lowest point in life. You have the greatness. Five second rule magnifies the sound of greatness and encourages you to take action.
Courage forces you to take action to do activities that were scary or hard to do. It unlocks the power within you so that you can become the person you want to become. And each time, you use the rule; you will come one step closer to your goals.

The feeling’s pattern.

You are thinking, why it is so hard to do the things that you know will solve problems and improve your life. The answer is your feeling. Your decision is not based on logic, or with heart, even not based on your goals or dream. But based on how you feel in that moment.
We choose to do things that make us feel good or things that are easy to do than the things that improve our life. Research shows that 95% time, the decisions we make based on how we feel at that moment. But the problem is your feelings never align with your goals and value.
Taking action based on your feelings, will never going to help you. You must separate yourself from feelings so that you can take effective action.
Example: The moment you feel like you are too tired. You will decide not to go to the gym. But feelings are merely a suggestion. The moment you realize, feeling stopping you to achieve your dream life. You can take an effective decision to improve your life.

The Five second Rule in Different Aspect of Life.

You can use this rule in different area of life. The purpose of the rule is to help you to do things you are afraid to do. Because five second rule reduces the time from initial impulse to physical moment and encourages you to act.
Few are the common area of life where most people are afraid to take actions: Speaking in meeting, Staying positive, Working on a resume, Asking for raise in job, Talking to someone you find attractive , Steeping on a dance floor, Publishing your work, Public speaking , Going to gym and Sticking to your goals. The tiny rule works in so many areas because it focuses on changing your behavior, controlling your mind and assists you to build courage every day in everyday life.

Right Time For Right Things.

Are you waiting for the right time? Waiting for someone to pick you up to the spotlight? Or waiting for courage to do activities. But there is no right time, no second chance, it is now or never. Whenever you begin to wait for something you start procrastinating . If you are not taking any action to carry out a dream. Then you are working against your dreams.
You think, you are protecting yourself from judgments or rejection of other people. But this only reduces the chance to carry out your dream. You will never start again. This is the only time to work to carry out your goal. As it is up to you how much you squeeze your time to do those activities that are important to do. Because waiting for something does not help you to get it done.
The difference between winner and loser is; winner has the courage to discipline themselves in tough times while looser does not. Using five second rule, you will discover the magic in your life and the opportunities to grow yourself.

The Sleep Cycle.

We sleep in small cycles that take 90 to 110 minutes to complete. If you usually wake up at 6 a.m then two hours earlier (at four o’clock) sleep cycle end and your body starts preparing to get up. When the alarm starts ringing at 6 a.m and you hit the snooze button. You have extended the alarm for the next ten to thirty minutes however, you begin a new sleep cycle.
After ten to thirty minutes the alarm rings again. But, the cortical region, the part of the brain responsible for decision-making, and alertness still in the sleep mode. That’s why the moment you wake up after hitting the snooze button. You feel like you are half awake and half-sleep. Because this time, you interrupt a sleep cycle. It also has a negative impact on brain and takes up to four hours to return a cognitive function from sleep inertia to its full capacity.

Planning your path to success.

Planning your path to success is waking up two hours early from your normal routine time. Because if you want to excel in any area of your life. Then, there is one task you should do, it is get up early and work on your most important task. But pushing yourself out of bed is not as easy as it sounds. The next morning alarm ring. You may feel exhausted to get up two hours early from routine. And you might try to convenience yourself that you will start from tomorrow.
The action you need to take as your alarm goes off is to throw off the cover, walk out of the room and begin your day. And then spend your first two hours of the day to improve your skills.
However, you can do various morning miracle activities to invite the miracle in your life. Once you take a tiny step to control morning. Soon you will develop a chain of events that lead you to change other aspects of life as well. Now if you are thinking if it is that much easy why nobody does it? Because change requires you to act deliberately, despite how you feel.
To know, why it is hard to wake up early. You should understand a concept called activation energy. In chemistry, activation energy is the amount of energy requires to start a chemical reaction. It found that initial energy to start a reaction is higher than the average. In the same principle human works. The initial amount of energy requires moving out of bed is higher than the total amount of energy.

The Hesitation pattern.

Our brain is hard-wired to stop you from doing things that are new, scary, and uncertain. If you do, then, your brain starts to play tricks on you to stop you from doing those things. It can do whatever to stop you, but five second rule stop your worry pattern and urge you to take action.

You can also download the pdf of The Five Second Rule to brush up your knowledge in future.

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Above article is the extract version of the book “The Five Second Rule” written by Mel Robbins.


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