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  • Fifteen law’s aid you to make your life better in every field.
    1. Chief Aim.
    2. Self-confidence.
    3. Habit of Saving.
    4. Initiative and Leadership.
    5. Imagination.
    6. Enthusiasm.
    7. Self-control.
    8. Habit of doing More than you paid.
    9. Pleasing Personality.
    10. Accurate Thinking.
    11. Concentration.
    12. Cooperation.
    13. Profiting by failure(blessing in disguise).
    14. Tolerance.
    15. Practicing Golden rule.

The man developed all fifteen qualities, will go far above from average folk.

    • All great leaders developed wealth through the help of others. You cannot become master of everything. You have to learn how to co-operate with others. As it will aid you to make a better relationship.
    • Everything first created in imagination. To become a leader, you must visualize yourself as a leader. You should know, a leader has two basic qualities: self-confidence and ability to take initiative. These two vital fuels pay an essential role in a leadership.
    • You will never create self-confidence in your life unless you develop a motive to live your life.
    • Everything in life begins with a thought. When the thought came, organize your thought in plan and an idea. Once you developed your plan, do not wait for a miracle, just go and execute it, transform it into a reality.
    • Habits form when you do the same thing over and over again. The older the habit the strongly it has been rooted in your subconscious mind. Likewise, you can create a habit of affirming positive word, through this, the mind will attract all positivity around you and surround yourself with positive people. The ingredient you require to create a strong habit is to indulge one of these five ingredients in your habit: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and feeling. Making a habit via indulging any of these sensors. You will able to create a strong habit.
    • The problem of poor folk is that they do not demand anything from themselves. As they believe, demanding will make them greedy. In reality, to get more of something you must demand it, from yourself.
    • Enthusiasm is a power that forces you to take action while self-control is like a balance wheel that makes alignment with your actions so that you can reach your goal. To become a person of self-balances. You must equalize the two vital forces: self-control and enthusiasm. A good chap has well-developed self-control, will not indulge him in envy, fear, hatred, jealousy, and revenge.
    • Your happiness is your responsibility. Do not permit anyone to takes your happiness from you. Love is essential for happiness but the person who allowed other to control his emotions. Putting himself in the hand of misery and end up begging for his own happiness.
    • Lack of self-control have seen in the spending habit. As the human mind craves for more so it becomes hard to develop the habit of saving money. The habit of spending more than one’s need will put the future in trouble. In a survey on 600 men and women author found that 546 men and women are in debt and other 54 are living a happy life. Then, the author found out that 210 folk own automobile. Even when folks did not need it.

      “It requires considerable self-control to use the streetcars as a means of transportation when people all around us are driving automobiles, but all who exercise this self-control are practically sure to see the day when many who are now driving cars will be either riding the streetcars or walking.”

    • Self-discipline is a vital factor in building up your personal power as it enables you to control your appetite and makes you more capable to stop unnecessary spending.
    • Your decision is based upon your thinking. Your thinking is emerging from your thought. You have the ability to choose your thought either via auto-suggestion or suggestion. The reason people living cliché live is one’s permitting other to put their suggestion into his mind through suggestion. We forget that thought is the only thing that we have full control. You have a control within you to select your dominant thought via auto-suggestion or suggestion that leads your life.
    • In short “Self-Control is the result of thought-control.”
    • Deliberate place a positive thought in your conscious mind and repeat it every night before going to sleep. As you affirm thoughts, it will plant in your subconscious mind and becomes your dominant that will lead your life.
    • An enthusiasm is a vital force that helps you to recharge your mind and body. Some folk is blessed with natural an enthusiasm while others have to work for it. The process of developing enthusiasm is simple. An enthusiasm is formed by doing the work you love. Before going to do what you love. You have to set a definite purpose of your life.
    • The benefit for setting chief aim. It will help you to pave ways towards your destination. Sometimes, we are encircled by dark clouds and have no immediate control over a situation. All these circumstances force to do work that you do not love to do. Setting definite aim keeps forcing you to do what you love and looking for the opportunity that paves your way towards success.
    • Happiness is something that everyone wants in his life. Happiness is a state of mind that can only be generated through the hope of future achievement. Happiness did not lie in the past, it will always lie in the future. The happiest person is the one who has dreams and hopes to achieve his dream.
    • You can develop enthusiasms through your chief aim. It does not matter, you are capable to achieve your dream of life at this time or not. If you kindle the fire of enthusiasms in your heart then sooner you will get what you want.
    • Auto-suggestion and suggestion are two different topics. Folk often confuse with this. A suggestion is a principle through which you influence others or other influence you with the assist of words while auto-suggestion is a process of repeating word forming in your own mind to motivate yourself.
    • Your suggestion only has the capability to influence other when your thoughts, words, and actions are in harmony with each other. You do not have to forget that your action will count more than your words. Auto-suggestion (self-suggestion) is different from suggestion. Auto-suggestion is one we choose consciously or unconsciously to motivate ourselves. Auto-suggestion is a process of reading and affirming a bunch of positive words daily. Words that repeat over and overtake root in your subconscious mind and transform your personality.
    • The outstanding character of a human brain is, human brain stores negative experience in one portion while positive experience in other portion of the brain. When one of these experiences called by the conscious mind. It will recall all same type of experience. At this point, you have to understand which types of experience you are dwelling into your conscious and sub-conscious minds. As emotion is stored in your memory. Each time you recall a memory, all the same type of thought emerge and makes you feel good or bad as per the type of thought you store in it.
    • After making your definite goal and write a complete description of it. Read the statement each night before going to bed and imagine your life at that moment with full faith and enthusiasm. You chief aim description must be filled with qualities that you acquire in future you.
    • Make two copies of your statement. Place first copy in front of your bed. Through this, every time you go to bed and woke up. You can read or visualize your statement. Put another copy in that room where you spend most of your time. The best time to work on your faulty imagination is in the night before you go to sleep. However, repeating your thought throughout the day can boost up restoration process of your faulty imagination.
    • It is our ability to choose our thought. Think about it, the thought you are choosing is working with you or against you. Auto-suggestion is a powerful weapon that if it is used constructively. It helps you to reach great height. However, if it is used in a negative pattern. It will destroy the chance of your success and even destroy your health.
      If you do not choose your thoughts wisely. Your mind will definitely play queer tricks with you.
    • Great thing happens when you focus your attention on a single thought(accurate thinking). It is not about how much knowledge you put in but it is all about what value of the information you put in your conscious mind. The problem with this generation is that we have lots of information. So the first step is not to accumulate more information but to separate vital facts from information. The second step is to divide facts into two parts: relevant facts and irrelevant facts. The reason for doing all the stuff is to withdraw your attention from many places on your chief aim. The author describes this process of separating information into facts called creativity.
    • The man knows he is working with vital facts that directly contribute to his success, feels more enthusiastic. This feeling generates self-confidence as he knows, the outcome is in his favor that motivates him to work more rapidly to attain success.
    • “Self-confidence is a product of your knowledge. Know yourself, know how much you know, why you know it and how you are going to use it.”
    • In today’s world “money is the concrete proof of success.”

Step to build Self-confidence:

      1. Start demanding from (your inner) you. Commit yourself to achieve something big, dream it. Make a plan and demand yourself to be persistent towards your goal.
      2. Examine your dominant thought. Determine what you were thinking all day long. It has been proved that thoughts have the power to change your reality. If you think negative then your thought take you towards negativity likewise if you are thinking positive your thought take you on the positive side of life.
      3. Auto-suggestion plays an important role in life. Do not say something negative about yourself. I would also like to recommend you to give ten minutes per day in making a mental movie of what you want to become.
      4. Decide what you do in the next five years. Write down a descriptive plan of your goal. Think “What you do in life. How much you earn, and at what price you will offer your services.”
      5. You will not attract wealth upon injustice, envy, jealousy, selfishness, hatred, and cynicism. As we all know negative attitude is the greatest obstacle in the road to success.

Step to develop Enthusiasm:

      1. Do what you love.
      2. Good health.
      3. Encircle yourself with an optimistic and enthusiasm folk.
      4. Good Clothes.
      5. A knowledge that helps other to make their life happy.
      6. Develop the best qualities and skill to complete your work.
Step to direct your attention on your chief aim.
    1. You can control your mind. The thought you put in your mind become your reality.
    2. If you will not direct your mind. Generally, it will take you nowhere but there is a great chance that it will take you to the misfortune or distractive end.
    3. Your mind has the capability to force every cell of your body to do his work properly.
    4. All the noteworthy achievement of man is the outcome of his thought.
  • “The energy which most people dissipate through lack of self-control would, if organized and used constructively, bring all the necessities and all the luxuries desired. The time which many people devote to ‘gossiping’ about others would, if controlled and directed constructively, be sufficient to attain the object of their definite chief aim.”
  • “Here is a man who meets with some disappointment; a friend proves false, or a neighbor seems indifferent. Forthwith he decides (through self-suggestion) all men are untrustworthy and all neighbors unappreciative. These thoughts so deeply embed themselves in his subconscious mind that they color his whole attitude toward others.
    Now reverse the thinking. Here is another man who sees nothing but the best there is in all whom he meets. If his neighbors seem indifferent he takes no notice of that fact, for he makes it his business to fill his mind with dominating thoughts of optimism and good cheer and faith in others. If people speak to him harshly he speaks back in tones of softness. Through the operation of this same eternal Law of Attraction, he draws to himself the attention of people whose attitude toward life and whose dominating thoughts harmonize with his own.”
  • “If you fill your mind with doubt and unbelief in your ability to achieve, then the principle of Autosuggestion takes this spirit of unbelief and sets it up in your subconscious mind as your dominating thought and slowly but surely draws you into the whirlpool of failure.”
  • “Struggle is a vital part of life. It develops those qualities and skills that assist you throughout in life. Once you have faces struggle in your early age of life then you will find a better place in the world. Lack of struggle cause lack of knowledge which leads life through foolish mindset. many parents say, ‘I had to work hard when I was young, but I shall see to it that my children have an easy time.’” An easy time makes you a handicap. As old one saying ‘If you do not use it you will lose it.”

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