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The Law Of Success Summary

Image The Law of Success Book by Napoleon Hill

Working with facts.

Once you know, you are working with facts, facts that directly contribute to your success. You’ll confident and motivated to work.

This feeling produces self-confidence as you know the outcome was in your favor. To achieve anything in life. You first need to imagine it in your imagination. Because everything first creates in your imaginations.

Even if you want to become a leader or produce wealth. You must visualize it in your mind.

But, acquiring wealth is not easy. You even need connections. Plus, all the great leader generates wealth with the help of others. Now you need to learn how to cooperate with others. Once you learn, you’ll make better connections.

A leader has two basic qualities including self-confidence, and the ability to take initiative. The two vital facts play an essential role in leadership.

However, you’ll never self-confidence unless you have a motive to live your life. To develop self-confidence, you must acquire knowledge in your field.

The power of Thought.

Everything in life begins with thoughts. You’ve the power to choose your thoughts. Either you choose it by yourself or allow others to influence your thoughts.

Auto-suggestion is a powerful weapon that if you use constructively. It’ll help your career to reach great height. However, if you use negatively. You’ll destroy the chance of success and even ruin your health.

Auto-suggestion and suggestion are two different topics. You might be confused with them.

A suggestion is the theory to influence each other through words, while auto-suggestion is a process of repeating words in your mind to motivate yourself.

The reason you might living cliche life as you allow others to influence you. This means you allow others to put their thoughts in your mind.

But you forget that thoughts are the only thing, you’ve full control of. You can control your thoughts via auto-suggestion that leads your life.

Think about it, the thoughts you’re choosing either working for you or against you. Deliberate place a positive thought in your conscious mind and repeat it every night.

The thought will become the dominant thought, and plant in your subconscious mind.

However if you don’t choose your thoughts wisely. Your mind will play tricks on you. In short Self-Control is the result of thought-control.

When the thought pop-up in your mind, you need to organize the thought in a plan to work on it.

Once you create a plan, set goals, don’t wait for the miracle to happen, instead, begin to work on your goal.

A Story of two kinds of guys.

Imagine a man, Steffan. Steffan meets with some disappointment in his life, including a bad neighbor or a friend betrays him. So he decides (self-suggestion) that are people are untrustworthy as well as all neighbors are unappreciative.

Now as he continuously repeats thought, the thoughts deeply rooted in his subconscious mind, and completely change his thinking.

Now here is another man, Akil. Akil thinking is completely oppositive from Steffan. Akil always tries to see the best in everyone.

If his neighbors seem different, he’ll not notice. As he decided to fill his mind with dominant thoughts of optimism and faith in others.

Even if people speak to him loudly, but he speaks in softness. With the law of attraction, Akil attracts the attention of the people whose attitude and dominating thoughts are the same.

Your suggestion can only influence others when your thoughts, words, and actions are in harmony with each other. However, your action will count more than your words.

Auto-suggestion is the way to choose your thoughts consciously to motivate yourself. It is a process of reading positive thoughts. When you repeat words over and over, it’ll take root in your subconscious mind and transform your personality.

The outstanding characteristics of a human brain is, it stores negative experience in one portion while positive experience in another portion of the brain.

When conscious mind calls one of these experiences. Your mind begins to recall the experience.

At this point, you’ve to understand which kinds of experience you’re pouring into your conscious and subconscious minds. As emotion stores in your memory.

Each time you recall a memory, all the same kind of thought emerges and makes you feel either good or bad base on the thoughts you put in.

If you fill your mind with doubt, negativity, and did not belives in your ability. Then, the principle of auto-suggestion takes place and becomes the dominant thought.

And slowly but surely you’ll draw yourself in the whirlpool of failure.

Fixing the Faulty Imagination.

You can fix faulty imagination. Make a list of positive affirmations and paste it in front of the bed as well as in the kitchen. So you can see it often enough. Every time either you wake up or going to bed, you can read and visualize your statement.

The ideal time to work on your faulty imagination is in the night before you going to sleep. However, repeating thoughts can boost the healing process of your faulty imagination.

Great thing begins to happen when you direct your focus from negativity to positivity.

How to increase your focus like a laser.

In today’s world, you’ve a lot of information to consume. But, the information you put in your mind influence thinking.

So, it’s not about how much knowledge you put in, but it depends upon the quality of information.

The problem with this generation is that you’ve a lot of information. So the first step is not to gather more infromation but to separate significant facts from information.

Now the second step is to divide facts into two parts: relevant facts and irrelevant facts. Once you have relevant facts, you can use facts to withdrawal your attention to your aim in life.

Save for Rainy Days.

Develop the habit of saving. Habits form when you do the same thing over and over again. And the older the habit, the stronger it has been rooted in your subconscious mind.

Lack of self-control can make your spendthrift. As you crave more and more so it becomes hard to develop the habit of saving money. The habit of spending more than you need will put your future in trouble.

In a survey of six-hundred men and women, the author finds out five hundred and forty-six men and women are in debt. And only fifty-four people are living a thrilling life. Then, the author finds out two hundred ten people own an automobile. Even they don’t need it.

The truth is, it requires self-control to use the streetcars, buses as a means of transport.

Greet Your Strugle.

Struggle is a significant part of life. It develops the necessary qualities and skills that help you throughout your life. Once you go through the struggle, then you’ll acquire a better place in the world.

But lack of struggle reduces the chance of gaining knowledge. And with less knowledge, you’ll lead your life with foolish mindset.

Your parents might say, that I work hard throughout my life to fulfill basic necessity, but now I’ll provide luxurious to my child to live his life. However, an easy time makes your child handicap.

An old saying, If you don’t use it you’ll lose it.

A seesaw of Enthusiasm and Self-Control.

Enthusiasm is a power that forces you to take action while self-control is like a balance wheel that makes action align so you can reach your goal.

To become a person of self-balances. You should understand two concepts: self-control and enthusiasm.

Self-control helps you to avoid: envy, fear, hate, jealousy, and revenge. On the other side, enthusiasm is a force that helps you to recharge your mind as well as your body.

Some of you might bless with natural enthusiasm while others need to develop it. However, the process to grow enthusiasm is simple. It forms once you begin to do the work you love.

But, before going to do the activities you love. You have to set a definite purpose for your life. You need to set your goals, make plans to achieve it.

Set a goal.

You need to set a goal for your life. As the chief aim(goal) helps you to pave your ways towards your destination.

Sometimes, you might encircle by dark clouds and have no immediate control over a situation. Even circumstances can force you to do work that you don’t love to do. But once you set your definite aim.

It’ll force you to do the things you love and keep looking for the opportunities that later pave your ways towards success. You can even develop enthusiasm through your chief aim.

It doesn’t matter, either you’re capable to achieve your goal at this moment or not. But, if you kindle the fire of enthusiasm in your heart then sooner you’ll get what you want.

Once you set your goal, write a brief description of it. You should even write the skills you need to acquire to achieve your goal. And make a habit to read the statement each night before climbing to bed.

Step by Step Guide How To Build self-confidence.

1. Commit yourself to achieve something big, dream it, make plans, and set goals. Demand yourself to work until you hit your goal.

2. Analyze your thought. Examine thoughts revolving in your head. Because thoughts can influence your life.

Thinking negative thoughts can make your life miserable. However, once you begin to think positive you can add thrilling moments in your life.

3. Don’t whisper negative about yourself, instead think positively. If you love to interact with others think you are making firm handshakes, give smile, and connecting with others.

Even I suggest you give ten minutes a day, making the mind movie. Invest some time in creating your mind movie. Use images, positive affirmation to strengthen the movie. Think what you want to become in the future.

What is mind movie?

A mind movie is a collection of motivating photos with positive affirmations that will help you to reach your goal. The method helps you to program your mind for success.

Doing this helps you to map your path to success. As images activate the region to create a mind movie.

Mikaela Shiffrin also uses the visualization technique to receive a gold medal.

4. Decide what you want to become in the coming five years. Write down the descriptive plan of your goal. Think, what work you do? How much you earn?

5. You will not attract wealth upon injustice, envy, jealousy, selfishness, hatred, and cynicism. As these are the negative emotions. And the truth is negative emotions are the obstacle in the road to success.

Defend your Happiness from Stealing.

The untold truth is, your happiness is your responsibility. And you shouldn’t allow anyone to take your happiness away from you. However, love is essential for happiness.

But if a boy allows her to control his emotions, he was putting himself in the hand of misery. And even end up begging for his happiness.

Happiness is something that everyone wants. However, it’s a state of mind, you can generate through the hope of future achievement. You can become the happiest person, once you set goals and begin to work on it.

Step to direct your attention on your chief aim.

You can control your mind and redirect it to become a laser focus to achieve your goal.

The thought you put in your mind becomes your reality. However, if you’ll not direct your mind, it’ll take you nowhere. But chances are, you’ll end up with misfortune.

Your mind even can force every cell of your body to do his work effectively. And the untold truth is, all the achievement of man is the outcome of his thought.

The energy you consume through the lack of self-control, if you use it wisely can help you to bring all the luxuries in your life.

Even the energy you consume in gossiping if control and use wisely can help you to attain your goal.

The Law Of Success: Buy

At Last: Here are my favorite Quotes from this book.

  • Most so called FAILURES are only temporary defeats. ― Napoleon Hill.
  • Fears are nothing more than a state of mind. ― Napoleon Hill.
  • No man has a chance to enjoy permanent success until he begins to look in a mirror for the real cause of all his mistakes. ― Napoleon Hill.
  • Prayer based upon FAITH always works. ― Napoleon Hill.
  • ASK any wise man what he most desires and he will, more than likely, say “more wisdom. ― Napoleon Hill.

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