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Summary In One Line

“Think big to live big”

Key points

  • Goals work like fuel to progress, without goals we can’t grow. Before we go towards our journey. We must know where is our destination.
  • It is not important where you are today, the important is where you reach tomorrow.
  • Society respects us by the standard of living. We provide for our family.
  • When you completely dedicate yourself towards your goals. You acquire vitality, enthusiasm, and power from the universe.
  • When you plant a seed of goal in your subconscious mind. Then your subconscious mind force you to achieve what you desire. It will assist you to decide what you should do and what not.
  • The attitude of doing nothing or doing less make our life miserable. If you just eat, sleep, and repeat than sooner you are going to make your life suck.
  • It is true, many outside factors affect our destination.
  • Folk invests money in the real estate, stock. The best kind of investment is to invest in yourself.
  • Success depends on the support of other people. List of habits that makes you a good communicator.
    1. Learn to remember the name.
    2. Never forget or miss the opportunities to congratulate someone.
    3. Give spiritual strength to people.
    4. Remove the scratchy element from your personality.
    5. Don’t be egotistical.
    6. Adopt the quality of easy-going.
    7. Be like an old shoe (like a comfortable person).
    8. Stand in front of the mirror and practice talking like a good communicator.
  • Thirty days challenges to start your clumsy engine: Remove these bad habits: negative language, t.v, Gossip. Build good habits such as plan each day in advance, focus on appearance, and start complimenting people. Activity to sharpen your mind are: reading books, thirty minutes of solitude, make new friends, and reading magazine in your field. An activity you should do at home are: one-hour undivided time each day to family, do a special thing on each week, and start appreciating small things.
  • If you are worried how to plan goal, here is a quick tip. Imagine where you want to see yourself after ten years in these fields: work, home, social department. Let’s dig a bit deeper. Answer these question to determine what you truly want.
  • “Work Department: 10 years from now:
    What income level do I want to attain?
    What level of responsibility do I seek?
    How much authority do I want to command?
    What prestige do I expect to gain from my work?”
  • “Home Department: 10 years from now:
    What kind of standard of living do I want to provide for my family and myself?
    What kind of house do I want to live in?
    What kind of vacations do I want to take?
    What financial support do I want to give my children in their early adult years?”
  • “Social Department: 10 years from now:
    What kinds of friends do I want to have?
    What social groups do I want to join?
    What community leadership positions would I like to hold?
    What worthwhile causes do I want to champion?”

Step to develop enthusiasm.

  1. “Dig into it deeper. Make this little test. Think of two things in which you have little or no interest-maybe cards, certain kinds of music, a sport. Now ask yourself, ‘How much do I really know about these things?’ Odds are 100 to 1 that your answer is ‘Not much.’ To get enthusiastic, learn more about the thing you are not enthusiastic about.”
  2. “In everything you do, life it up. Enthusiasm, or lack of it, shows through in everything you do and say. Life up your handshaking. When you shake hands, shake. Make your handclasp say, I am glad to see you again.”
  3. “Broadcast good news. You and I have been in many situations when someone burst in and said: ‘I have got good news.’ Immediately this person gets 100 percent attention from everyone present. Good news does more than get attention; good news pleases people.”
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