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The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari Summary

Image_The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

The Story of Julian Mantle.

Julian mantle the legitimate lawyer has been earning a seven-figure income never has a thought that one day, he will wake up in the room of ICU and having bread and water in the breakfast.

Series of events that happened in the past have astonished him.

Before the day of ICU, he was in the courtroom, waiting for his turn. But suddenly he falls on the floor in the middle of the courtroom.

As he was playing the mental movie of past events in the ICU, the door opens and a doctor came in. The doctor said, “You had faced a heart attack, Julian.”

After hearing the message from the doctor, Julian decided to quit the law career and begin to travel the path of spirituality to find inner peace.

He makes a call to the organization and announces all the changes he is about to make.

Julian sold all the expensive items, including Ferrari. That’s why the book called “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.”

In the journey of inner-piece, Julian finds out seven principles to live his life.

Seven Principles To Live Your Life To The Fullest.

1. Train your Mind.

2. Find Your Purpose.

3. Tiny Rituals to Practice Daily.

4. Build a Mature Willpower

5. Do Not Waste Time.

6. Purpose of Being on Earth.

7. The power of Gratitude.

Train your mind.

Your mind is a sort of garden. If you make an effort to nurture and fertilize. It will pay you off in the long term.

But, you must protect the mind from the negative thoughts that may visit you.

An average person thinks about 60,000 thoughts throughout the day. The untold truth is ninety-nine percent of thoughts either come from the same source or same situation.

To become mastery in any field. You must learn how to control your mind and thoughts. Like, any other muscles, you can train your brain muscles to work according to you.

The Technique of Rose.

You can work with this method to control your mind. You need a quiet place in your home along with a yellow rose to do this exercise.

Take a corner place of a room, sit down, hold a rose in your hand and begin to stare at the center of the rose.

In the beginning, it is difficult to concentrate on the rose but with time you will develop the ability to do.

Start with five minutes per day and keep stretching the time as you become habitual of it.

Practice this activity at the same place as well as at the same time for the next twenty-one days. As it takes twenty-one days to install a new habit into your routine.

Prayer Bead Technique.

The second technique is to wear a prayer bead around your neck.

So every time negative thoughts pop up in your mind, take a single bead out it, and place it in a glass. This technique reminds you the road need to be travel to become master of your mind.

Find your purpose.

Happiness comes from achievement but without goal setting, you will not achieve anything.

Find the purpose of your life, make a goal and write down on the piece of paper.

Writing goals send signals to the subconscious mind. And the written thought will separate from the remaining 59,999 thoughts.

Then, the subconscious mind provides precious mental energy to carry out goals.

Step by Step Procedure to set Goals.

1. Form a clear mental picture of the outcome.

2. Create positive pressure that forces you to do work.

Note: Now the question arises. How to create positive pressure? Answer: Tell your friend and family about the goal you set. It works, as nobody wants to look like a looser.

3. Set a deadline for your goal.

4. The magic of 21 days.

Note: It takes 21 days to install a new habit in your routine. In the beginning, it is hard to do a new habit, so do not give up, keep doing, sooner you will habitual of it.

Tiny rituals to practice daily.

Ritual of Solitude:

Solitude is a sort of activity that works as a rest break of your overheated engine (Mind). To do the activity you need to find a quiet place at home.

After getting a quiet place, sit down and relax your mind. Do not move your body, just enjoy the silence in the air.

Begin with five to ten minutes a day and increase your time duration as you are comfortable. Practice it at the same time and in the same place.

Ritual of Knowledge:

Reading thirty minutes a day will increase your knowledge. Reading can do miracles in your life but be selective about books you read.

As Robin Sharma said, Books have all the answers to your question. The knowledge you grab from the book will help you to become a better person.

Ritual of Self-Reflection:

The day you start performing the activity, you will subtly become a better person.

The time to do the activity is, before sleep. Like any other activity, you will need a quiet place. Take some time to identify productivity and unproductivity hours of the day.

This activity helps you to find the wasted hours of your day. Once you know the unproductive time, you can take immediate action to fix it so that you will not repeat the mistake.

Ritual of Music:

Music can influence your mood, makes your heart singing and can motivate you. Adding ten minutes of listing music in your day can enhance your happiness level.

Ritual of Sleep:

You can sleep six hours a day and can remain perfectly healthy and happy.

Excessive sleep is a habit just like any other habit. Remember the quality matter not the quantity of sleep.

Sleeping six hours a day in a quiet place can make you feel better than sleeping nine hours a day in a noisy environment.

Sleep is just a recharge period that your body needs to function better.

Ritual of Spoken Word:

Mantras help you to redirect your mind from negativity to positivity. The word you use daily form your outer world so choose your word wisely.

Ritual of Radiant Living:

The step requires taking daily action to improve your character and strengthen your belief. The character you build through actions and persistence will help you to reach your destiny.

Ritual of Diet:

Diet can impact your vitality. A bad diet will drain mental and physical energy and it also hampers the quality of your thought. Start adding healthy fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Ritual of Exercise:

Exercise adds more energy in a day. Exercising thirty minutes a day adds more years to your life.

Ritual of Simplicity:

Adopt the behavior of simple living.

Build a mature Willpower.

Willpower helps you to do activities that are right to do but you never sum up the courage to do it.

The question arises How will you produce willpower?

The first step to produce willpower is to start doing the things you fear. Because you require willpower to do activities.

The formula of willpower: The more you use it, the mature it becomes.

The second technique to produce willpower is to spend your days without speaking. Because each time you about to speak, you need to remind yourself.

The power of Gratitude.

Develop the habit of gratitude. Gratitude for the small things you have. The more you gratitude, the more you have. Gratitude can increase your happiness level in life. So make a habit to practice gratitude daily.

Purpose of being on Earth.

Find the purpose of life. Start doing the work you love, that add value to the life of others.

Do not waste time.

Time is the most precious asset. Because you only have twenty-four hours a day. The way you spend your time will define the person you will become in the future.

At Last: Here are my favorite Quotes from this book.

  • Life has bigger plans for you than you can possibly know. ― Robin S. Sharma.
  • A burning sense of passion is the most potent fuel for your dreams. ― Robin S. Sharma.
  • The best antidote for fear is knowledge. ― Robin S. Sharma.
  • We live in an age when we have forgotten what life is all about. ― Robin S. Sharma.
  • It is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life. ― Robin S. Sharma.

You can also download the summary in pdf so that you can brush up your knowledge in the future.

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Above article is the extract version of the book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” written by “Robin Sharma”.

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