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Here are the five acts that completely transform your life. All these activities derived from the book The Morning Miracle. This activity helps you to improve quality of life, more discipline, less stress, and even weight loss.

Affirmation is a process of re-programming your mind. It helps you to drag your mind from negativity towards positive. Continuously affirmation of positive statement helps you to train your mind. You can affirm during Physical exercise or taking a deep breath. Affirm before going to bed and in the morning when you wake up. It helps your thought to plant in sub-conscious mind.
Visualization is a process of creating a mental movie with all the things you desire in your life. Visualize, what you want, your major goals, deepest desire. Involve all the body sense in your visualization. Some of them are: feel hear, taste, smell, see, and touch. The more vividly you hold the picture, what you want, the more intensely you allow yourself to feel the feelings. If it’s still hard for you to visualize. You can also create a vision board. By cutting and pasting the pictures of your goals on a sheet of paper.
Journal making:
If you’re one of them who can’t control emotions or the one who went through emotional breakage. For you, journal making is the best thing you can do to control your emotion. It is like pouring all the emotions of your mind in the copy. It helps you to clear your mind form blocks and assist you for clear thinking.
Exercise in the morning contributes a major action in your mind. Because when you exercise your Cortisol hormone release (Simply the hormone produced by the body during stress and anxiety). And on the other side, your body releases Endorphins which trigger positive feelings. So that, you can feel good about yourself.
Here is the list of exercise you can do in the morning(Without going outside). Jumping Jacks, Balancing Table Pose, Leg Squats, Push Ups, Lunges.
Do any one of them for fifteen minutes. If you want to do all. You can do. But exercise session shouldn’t be exceeded then 20-30 minutes.
Reading is a single vital habit all successful people follow. We all know the benefit of reading. Reading not only change your view towards life. But also helps to improve brain power. That is, the only reason you come here to learn, grow, and develop yourself. In short, you are here to Raise Your Standard.
For me, meditation is like taking a temporary vacation from the problem. There are tons of benefits of meditation. Some of them are: improve the immune system, sleep cycle, helps to handle stress better, and lot more.


  • Plan your day in advance.
  • Before going to sleep say to yourself. “‘X’ hour sleep is sufficient for me.” “I’ll wake up at X o’clock in the morning.
  • Ask yourself: Is my purpose is big enough to help to wake me up in early.
  • Yes, you need a specific purpose why you want to get up early.

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