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The New One Minute Manager Summary

Image_The New one minute manager by Spencer Johnson

the one Minute manager story.

The one minute manager is the story of a young man.

The young man wants to become a manager. He begins a search to find a manager that works in two areas: employee interest and organization profit.

After taking interviews of leaders, managers, directors, entrepreneurs, government administrators, and even university presidents. He finds out managers apply two methods to lead organizations.

Some manage is autocratic while others are democratic managers.

Difference between Autocratic and Democratic Manager.

An autocratic manager focuses on organization goals and profit but loses employees’ interest. While democratic manager focuses on employees and loses organization goals and profit.

Three secret of one minute manager.

Three secrets of one minute manager.

In the end, the hard work is pay off. And he finally finds out the manager that works in two areas, employee interest and organization profit.

He takes an appointment to visit him. And in an interview with the manager, the manager reveals three secrets to lead any organization.

Three Secret to Become Effective Manager.

1. One Minute goal.

2. One Minute praising.

3. One Minute re-direct.

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Goal setting In organization.

Take a sheet of paper and write down your goals. Give it a brief description as well as the deadline.

Once you set a goal for the coming year, split your goals for the months as well as for the week.

Now the next step it to review your goals with the manager so that you can match your goal with the organization’s goals.

The drawback in an organization is that the employee does not know their exact goals.

If you ask an employee in an organization about his goal and then ask the manager about the goals of an employee. You will find out the two different directions.

Writing each goal on a single page with the description in 200-250 words, so that it takes less than one minute to read.

As it takes less than a minute, you will not procrastinate to check your goal daily. Once you accustom to check goals.

You can identify, either you are in alignment with your goal or not, and can make necessary changes to accomplish the goal faster.

Power of Praising.

In an organization, managers review the performance of an employee. Once the manger goes through the performance sheet. Then he figures out the lack of performance of an employee.

Activities that the employee is not doing effectively. But the one minute manager takes a different approach.

At the beginning of every project, the one minute manager looks the working style of an employee and finds out the little things he was doing right.

The manager thinks it is not a good idea to punish an employee when he is working on a new project.

Manager belief that the punishment does not work for an inexperience person. It is better to praise an employee for little things and encourage him to do the same things more.

How does it work?

An employee gets immediate feedback. Now he knows where he needs to put his energy.

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Dealing with problems.

Yes. You will make mistakes. When the manager finds an employee doing something wrong, he does not criticize him.

Instead, first, he confirms facts and then tells an employee how he feels about it.

The manager pause for a moment so that employee can feel too.

After that, the manager tells, you are better from your mistake and I trust in you and I expect you will not repeat the same mistake.

At Last: Here are my favorite Quotes from this book.

  • Take a minute: look at your goals, look at your performance, see if your behavior matches your goals. ― Ken Blanchard.
  • Help People Reach Their Full Potential. Catch Them Doing Something Right. ― Ken Blanchard.
  • Goals begin behaviors, consequences maintain them. ― Ken Blanchard.
  • Tell people what they did wrong; tell them how you feel about it; and remind them they are better than that.
  • Making mistakes is not the problem. It’s not learning from them that causes real problems.

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Book Review:

A small powerful and unbelievably effective book that highlights key areas that managers struggle with. I recommend the book to the person who wants to become a leader in his life. The beauty of the one-minute manager is, it focuses on simplicity. As people make the simple thing complicated.

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Above article is the extract version of the book “The New One Minute Manager” written by “Spencer Johnson”.

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