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  • Brain designed in a way. It always finds a way to reduce mental effort. This process occurs in four steps.
    First, a clue that indicates to the brain to take habit. It also helps to show, which habit to take. And then comes in an automated mode, where no longer mental effort is needed.
    Second, there is a routine which can be physically, mentally, emotionally.
    Third, reward that help brain to remember the specific routine. Forth, and finally belief, you should believe, change is possible and you can change.
  • Chunking is a process which helps the brain to converts sequence of actions into routines.
  • Habits are not limited to our day to day life. But, industries also use this method, to train their employees on specific habit. So that, employees can perform better. Thus, a training session is provided after hiring newly engineer. Because you can’t force someone to produce more result.
  • If your belief, you can change. And make a habit. Then the change is possible. This is the real power of habit. Belief is an important ingredient for habits. To empower belief. You must develop habits.
  • You aren’t aware of it. But hundred of habit influence our day. They guide us, how to brush our teeth, get dress, eat breakfast, and so on.


I am Rahul Ratnakar. I had completed engineering in this year. Sooner I found my passion of reading self-help books. So, I compose this place, to educate others through the knowledge and wisdom of a mentor.

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