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The Richest Man In Babylon | Rystandard

Here are the nine lessons:

  • Accumulating wealth is a time-consuming process. If you really want something. You have to compromise today to live your life tomorrow. So, to become financially stable you need to plan your future.
  • Expenses are directly proportional to the income generated by us. Adopt a simple lifestyle. Seven out of Ten part, of your earning, is sufficient for your cloth, food, home. If you truly desire to change your financial condition stick to this rule.
  • Guard your treasure against losses. Never force your money to produce more money. Gold flies from the person who wants to earn from impossible earning. Wait until you find a right opportunity. You’ll lose your treasure if you force to earn impossible earnings.
  • Have your own house. Because if you live in a rental house. Your vast part of income will go for rent. To do this increase your assets and decrease liabilities.
  • Identify opportunities to increase your income. Money eager to multiple for those who spent in the right opportunity. Likewise, money slips away from the person, who was not familiar with business or opportunity. In which, he was spending. To spend gold wisely. Take advise from the expert person in your field. Instead of, your family and friend.
  • Put ten coins in purse and use Nine. At the end of the year, the one coin you save become twelve. This money helps you to earn more money. Men don’t have the ability to respect himself. If he can’t pay his debt.
  • Place aside two part of the income to pay a debt.
  • Pay 10% of your income to yourself. Do this process for one year. Spend in an intelligent way by finding opportunities. The amount of money you save during the year. Now has the ability to produce more. If you use it in a wise way.
  • The hungrier one becomes the clear one’s mind.

To conclude:
Here is the vital lesson derived from the Book: The Richest Man in Babylon. The Ten Rule helps you to completely change your financial condition. Start applying these rule in your life from today.

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