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The Road Less Traveled Summary

The road less travelled summary

Simple Short Summary: Peck, in his best-selling book The Road Less Traveled, suggests that to reach a higher level of self-awareness you have to go through a challenging environment, and certainly these times can cause greater pain but avoiding these can prevent you to grow both mentally and spiritually.

The Road Less Traveled Summary

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In this book summary, The Road Less Traveled, you’ll learn:

Lesson: A – Better Life Begins With Solving Problems Instead Of Running Away From Them

Lesson: B – Love demand action for overcoming obstacles and fulfilling relationship

Lesson: C – For your spiritual growth and inner-awakening, love plays a crucial role

Lesson: A – Better Life Begins With Solving Problems Instead Of Running Away From Them

Each day comes with new problems. Recognizing problems will help you in finding the solution, but many people assume that life is easy, pleasant, and even rosy which disappoints them.

Peck says, when you accept, life is tough, you’ll develop the tools you need to thrive in a difficult environment.

How you react to problems depend upon how you prepare for them. You can either confront or run away from your problems.

Also, ignoring your problems won’t fix them instead amplify them and cause psychological disorder while confronting problems cause short-term pain but long-term benefit.

For thriving life, you need a healthy perspective along with four tools to practice self-discipline.

Delay gratification, the first tool, brings discipline to your life. Embracing short-term pain for a long-term benefit allows you to tackle conflicts and problems as they arise.

Some people, however, don’t want to struggle with short-term pain because they control by impulse and chase pleasure. This lifestyle is known as, ‘play now, pay later’.

For example, imagine you struggle with procrastination, the short-term pain is to wake up early and do the uncomfortable work. The benefit you receive is that you live your day with a calm and relax mind.

Even in Eat that Frog, Brian Tracy says you should start your day with the big project that requires the greatest willpower.

Second tool is accepting responsibility that helps you to improve the quality of your life since avoiding problems solve nothing.

Dedicating yourself to truth is the third tool to improve your self-discipline. Accepting the reality of your life, you choose truth over comfort, but it takes courage to observe what you believe is right through a sense of self-reflection.

Honestly facing the reality of life and constantly updating your view can help you in personal growth. Want to know the truth that sits deep within you? Psychotherapy is a great way to do this.

Balancing is the last tool for improving self-discipline. In this, you forgo unhealthy habits, extreme behaviors that imbalance your life. Eager to know why you do these activities because they add thrill to your life.

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Lesson: B – Love demand action for overcoming obstacles and fulfilling relationship

You might think of love as a feeling rather than an action that leads to problems.

In a marriage, problems can occur, disputes can happen, and anger can flare, but the two people must be committed to save the marriage from these short-lived emotions and continue to work towards the common solution.

Flourishing love needs more than a commitment; it requires time, attention, and understanding to support the growth of your partner. Put aside everything to concentrate on what your partner is saying. By doing this, you gain a new perspective and knowledge about the person you love.

However, you can’t love someone without the risk of loss, and you should take this risk, even though you might be left with the feeling of loneness. Actually, it’s a price you pay for love.

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Lesson: C – For your spiritual growth and inner awakening, love plays a crucial role

Viewing love as an important part since it nurtures your spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is a process of inner awakening in which you extract your wrongs or unreal concepts, beliefs, ideas and thoughts, and raise above the ordinary consciousness level of your inner being.

Love also allows you to grow your love capacity. Most people want to love, but few are actually loving.

To grow spiritually, you should choose to love and act lovingly. When you act lovingly and have love in your heart, your love tank is full, and this supply can be self-nurturing.

Loving someone else, you first need to love yourself, and it requires will and effort, so that you can structure discipline in your life.

Favorite Quote From The Book:

Quote from the Book The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled Review

In this book, The Road Less Traveled peck uses examples and stories to bring his concepts together and reveal the secrets of healthy, meaningful relationship.

You may see love as something that just happens to you or doesn’t happen to you, but peck suggests that love is a verb, and you need to work on it to make your relationship fulfilling.

He also argues that to grow mentally and spiritually, you need to go through the pain, because life is difficult. Once you accept that you’re going to face some uncomfortable moments, then only you can prepare yourself for future challenges.

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