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The Science of Getting Rich Book |Rystandard

Here is the Ten key lesson that derived from the book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.

  • Becoming rich is all about doing the things in a specific way. You can’t become wealthy by saying it. Becoming rich is also don’t depend on the environment. If it is, then the people of some country become wealthy while other completely poor. But you can see two people living side by side. In which one of them is rich while the other is poor.
  • The competitive mind is not creative. So don’t be Competitive. Plan a goal, work accordingly and separate yourself form crowds.
  • Develop the habit of Gratitude. The more you gratitude for the things, the more things you have, in your life. Gratitude has a power to attract good things in your life. So, be grateful for every small thing you get.
  • Do you have a desire to earn money or to travel? But, that’s common. Everyone has this type of desire. And, desire alone won’t help to get what you want. To get this, you need to change your thinking. You can’t achieve anything in your life. Until you don’t have a burning desire.
  • Eliminates the past actions and feelings from your mind. Because when you’re in present and think about the past. It’ll dilute your present actions. And it also becomes difficult for the mind to focus on the present. Because it was drifting back and forth.
  • In ancient time, poor people have a mentality that self-sacrifice and poverty please to god. But thanks, God. It is not the fact.
  • In short, go above the expectation. Serve people more than they expect. Do one more task, go helps them by doing more from their expectations. So that, the next time they would not think to hire you. Thus, every time they stuck in some situation. They’ll take your hand to get their work done.
  • Never speak negatively to yourself.
    Never speak about fear to yourself.
  • Opportunity never end. It is plenty today, tomorrow, or even day after tomorrow. Getting rich is the analysis of the opportunities at the right time.
  • Thought has the power to produce the thing in reality. When you concentrate all your attention on a specific thought. It’ll create your imagination in reality. To do this aside from your all negative emotions. So that, it may not become an obstacle in the way to become rich. Stop reading magazine and news that filling your mind with unnecessary thoughts.


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