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Book Summary: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne


Simple Short Summary: The Secret who has sold more than 35 million copies, translated into 50 languages, and has 4.6 ratings on Google suggests the concept that positive energy attracts positive things to your life. Your thought manifests your life directly because the Law of Attraction says ‘like attract like’.

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Everything in the Universe consists of vibrating atoms and energy. At specific frequency energy vibrates, and your thought becomes magnetic. Your vibration depends on thoughts and feelings.

When you think, you transmit frequencies to the Universe, and your thoughts attract things of the same frequency as a cell phone tower does. In short, you attract things, people, and circumstances similar to your frequency and vibration.

The Secret Summary

Three Step Guide To Achieve Anything From Universe Just Ask Believe Receive

Step 1: Ask: The secret, ask, believe, receive works when you explicitly clear about what you want. Clear thought sends clear frequencies, however vague thought sends vague frequencies to the Universe. You receive the mixed result when the Universe picks up vague frequencies. However, when you explicit about your desires, the Universe receives a clear signal.

You can even ask from the Universe and clarify your thinking. In difficult situations take advice from the Universe. The law reverts you with whatever you give it.

Step 2: Believe:When you believe, you receive what you ask. You understand the power of thoughts once you believe in them. Your belief attracts things toward you. As you think and believe what you want exists in the unseen places, the Universe brings into seen. The Universe able to read your dominant thoughts, so believing in the Universe brings things toward you. You receive as you believe you already possess.

When you think, you don’t possess right now, the frequency emits, and you attract the experience of not having. Even what you ask for doesn’t appear right away, trust the Universe and have faith. You receive everything you desire to possess but in the future you.

The “How” of the Law of Attraction is not your concern. The Universe figures out and brings things towards you. You don’t get involve in “how” to acquire everything because the Universe takes care of it. You receive as you imagine everything in your brain.

However, if you face trouble in faith, pretend to believe. As old one saying, “Fake it until you make it.”

Step 3: Receive: Receive is the last step in ask, believe, receive. Act as you already possess, communicate strongly to the Universe.

Imagine a smile on your face after receiving things you want. Your visualization sends out positive frequencies to attract the desired outcome.

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Universe Is Attentively Listening Every Single Word You Speak In Your Head

The law of attraction brings whatever you think and speak frequently in your brain. Every time you think a thought or speak a word, the Universe listens and responds to you, but when you think adverse, negativity becomes an obstacle and prevents you to collect things you want in your life. 

You attract negativity when you speak to yourself “Oh, it’ll never work for me, or I’m not good enough” as the Universe listens and responds to you.

Recall, a plant doesn’t grow in a single day, likewise, a goal doesn’t accomplish in a single day. Hence, you set your goal and affirm your affirmation, and keep attracting positive thoughts not negative.

Example: A Canadian-American actor Jim Carrey wrote himself a cheque of $10 million for acting services rendered in 1985. He marks the future date on the cheque and for the next 1o years, he kept the cheque in his wallet. In November 1995, he was cast for the movie, “Dumb and Dumber” for $10 million.

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Joining Shatter Power Of 60,000 Thought Into One Produce Enormous Energy

The researcher says you think 60,000 thoughts in a day. When you combine the power of these thoughts, you can create a strong feeling. Your feeling accelerates the manifestation of what you want as you can’t feel positive or negative, at the same time.

Of course, you either feel positive or negative, but you can’t feel both. When you feel good, you hold positive thoughts and attract positive things. However, when you feel bad you attract negativity.

Feeling something strongly generates and sends signals to attracts what you’re feeling. Even if you hold the feelings of strongly resisting something, you send signals to Universe and attract the same feeling more. You attract negativity since you give focus, attention, and feeling.

However, you don’t need to worry about every single negative thought for two reasons:

  1. Few thoughts with strong feelings only manifest into reality.
  2. The chances of manifestation of positive thoughts are more than negative thoughts because positive thoughts possess more power than negative thoughts.

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Law Of Attraction Manifest Your Faithful Thought Either Positive Or Negative

The Law of Attraction is a nature’s law, and the Law of Attraction says you attract what you think and believe regularly. It doesn’t differentiate between positive and negative thoughts. Even it doesn’t understand either you desire something or not. It delivers whatever you think in your mind habitually.

Your thinking may vary at a conscious and sub-conscious level as you may want more money at the conscious level, but deeply at the subconscious level, you doubt your ability to earn more. However, the law only focuses on the deep belief that you hold on your subconscious level.

You may fail when you think about poor health or loneliness. You end up getting more and more when you think persistently either negative or positive outcome. Hence, the Law of Attraction fulfills your deeply root subconscious thoughts. 

Favorite Quote From The Book

“The truth is that the universe has been answering you all of your life, but you cannot receive the answers unless you are awake.” – Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

“Remember that your thoughts are the primary cause of everything.” – Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

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