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Summary In Two Lines

The subtle art of not giving a fuck, reveal the truth of life about emotions, failure, and provide a path that leads to success and happiness.

Key Points

  • The brain is wired in such a way. We didn’t feel happy until we don’t have a problem. We feel happy when we overcome it.
  • Your success lies in your conflict. You should ask yourself. What conflict I love to do and can do in my entire life. What pain do I want to acquire? Because the road leads to success is the road full of stone, shame, and hard work.
  • Your success is defined by the willingness to face struggle. Great people love their work that why they are willing to fail. While poor folks are afraid of failure.
  • If you think, you will happy if you didn’t do anything. But, in reality, happiness requires struggle.
  • Emotions are a part of life. If I feel good about something, it doesn’t mean it is good. vice-versa, if I feel bad about something, it doesn’t mean it is bad.
  • Likewise, emotions. Pain is also a part of life. It teaches you what to do, and what not to do.
  • Problems never stop, it just grows up with the time. It is not possible to hope life without a problem. Because the amusing moment of life is achieved by overcoming the problem. It doesn’t mean you ignore problems. Ignoring problems make your life more miserable. The key to happiness is come from overcoming the problems.
  • Some folk thinks their problem is different from others. Usually, our problem is not different. Few people already face this problem and few of them are going to face, in the future.
  • If you stuck in some place then do something about it. Don’t wait for the miracle. Because miracle doesn’t happen.
  • Don’t think pain is bad for you. But sometimes, it might be necessary for psychological growth. If you never had a pain in life. You will not produce enough motivation to progress. Learn to sustain the pain. Because if you are choosing new values that means you are choosing the new form of pain.
  • You can’t do anything about your circumstance until you don’t have a big emotional reason.
  • Rejection is a vital and crucial life skill. It works as fuel in your life.
  • If we learn something. It doesn’t mean we will become ideal. But the next time, we make slightly less mistake than this time. Every time we learn. We are going to make slightly less mistake.
  • Some of the most difficult and stressful moment of life is the one of the best moment to transform our lives.
  • Commitment helps us to concentrate on a particular task. It gives us freedom not to worry about anything else’s.
  • We always want more in life. And we thought it will make us feel good. But the opposite is true. Because if we have more choice. We are often less happy with what we prefer. Thus, the next time the more options you get the less happy you become.
  • Don’t try to hold a relationship( when it is already ended in the head). Because it will consume your self-respect.
  • No one will make you feel happy. Until you don’t want to make yourself happy.
  • Accepting responsibility for our problem is the first step to solve it.
  • Law of backward say: The more you try to become certain in something. The more uncertain and insecure you become.
  • A man who believes, he knows everything learns nothing. Because he develops a belief that he didn’t need to learn. The day we accept we didn’t know much. On that day we open up the gate for new opportunities.
  • Trust is like China plate. Ones it breaks, it will shatter in small pieces. The first time, you can glue the pieces. But, if it breaks one more time. It will shatter in pieces(like dust).
  • To value something. Follow this formula. To value ‘X’, we must reject ‘non-X.’
  • For a happy and healthy relationship. Both willing to say no and hear no without any conflict.
  • People fall into two traps of relationship. Either people expect other people to take responsibility or people take too much responsibility for other people problem.
  • True happiness lies in the peace of mind or when we are growing. But if you determine happiness by a list of expensive items. Then, you will end up with regret.
  • Improvement in anything based on how many times you failed. And if someone is more successful than you. Then, definitely, he had failed more times than you. Likewise, If someone is worse than you. He has faced less failure than you. Avoiding failure simply means reducing the chance of getting success. If you truly want to be successful. You must willing to fail.
  • Folk didn’t grow in life. Because they use the time to find an effortless way to get success.
  • You have a want to become successful. But, on the other side, you didn’t want to feel pain. So, it is not possible.
  • Society thinks and measures success in term of non-realistic things. But, measuring success in non-realistic things can cause you headache in the future. List of few non-realistic things.
    1. Pleasure.
    2. Material success.
    3. Always being right.
    4. Staying positive.
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