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The One Thing Summary | Rystandard

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Gary Keller the author of this book The One Thing tells us different ways to increase productivity. He gives the steps to improve: mental energy, emotional energy, spiritual energy, business energy, and physical energy.

Essentialism Summary | Rystandard

Sep 17, 2018 -Jumping to the myth of doing all the things. The author of the book: Essentialism, give his theory to remove non-essential work from essential, which help you to succeed fast. In the end, he also says the power of discipline. Reading time 5 minutes.
Image_Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

Eat That Frog Summary | Rystandard

5 tricks to stop procrastinate and get more done in less time. Eat that frog written by Brian Tracy. In this book, the author talked about various techniques to stop procrastinate and actionable steps to overcome procrastination.