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Image-Mini Habits_ Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Stephen Guise

Mini Habits Summary | Rystandard

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In Mini habit author Stephen Guise focus on working on small habit. The purpose is to automate the behavior and teaches the stubborn brain how to create a habit.

Image_The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

The Power of habit Summary

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This book teaches you how to create a new habit in three loops: Cue – Routine – Reward. It also shows how to replace a bad habit with good ones.


The Five Second Rule Summary

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The Five Second rule is used to overcome the day to day difficulty. This rule encourages you to take action regardless of how you feel.

Image_Atomic Habits by James Clear

Atomic Habits Summary

In Atomic Habit, I focused on seventeen easy to implement techniques to build a habit. The crucial benefit of habit is to automate tasks and to save your time and mental energy.

Image_Goals by Brian Tracy

Goals Summary

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In this book, Goals written by Brian Tracy points out actionable steps to set goals and points to remember before goal setting.

Image_The New one minute manager by Spencer Johnson

The New One Minute Manager Summary | Rystandard

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The New One minute manager is the story of a young man. The young man begins his search to find a perfect manager that works in both areas of employees: work and life. In the journey, he found the manager that he was looking for and learned 3 secrets to lead the organization. The 3 secrets are praising, goal, redirect.

Image_The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari Summary | Rystandard

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7 life-changing principles from the book: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari written by Robin Sharma. The book based on the story of Julian Mantle, who sold his Ferrari to become a monk to find the inner peace.


Who Will Cry When You Die Summary

90 earthshaking techniques to transform your life from the book: Who Will Cry When You Die, written by Robin Sharma. Robin Sharma has written more than 15 best-selling books including The monk who sold his Ferrari.

The Law Of Success Summary | Rystandard

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1 Dec 2018, Napoleon Hill the author of the best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich. Describe sixteen laws that help you to acquire success in your desired field. Applying laws will boost your progress and help you to attain your goal easily. The lessons described in this book is achieved through his lifelong experience and test over millions of people.


Maximum Achievement Summary

Maximum Achievement writen by the Author Brian Tracy’s through his life experience. The book contains key concepts of goal setting, relationship, subconscious mind and laws of life.

Image_The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, Ian McMahan

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind Summary | Rystandard

The power of subconscious mind. In this book, you will learn how your conscious and subconscious mind relates to each other. Apart from this, You will know how to unlock the infinitive power of subconscious mind. And the cause of negative thoughts.

Outliers | Rystandard

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Third best-selling nonfiction book of Malcolm Gladwell’s published in 2008, Outliers. Book tells you what is the difference between ordinary and successful people. And how much time it takes to become an expert in any field.

Image_So Good They Cannot Ignore You- Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love by Cal Newport.

So Good They Can’t Ignore You Summary | Rystandard

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In this book, so good they can’t ignore you author explain two types of mindset and their approach. It also teaches you which path you should follow in life. And in the end, tell about the quality of a great job.

The Miracle Morning | Rystandard

Morning habit is one vital part to transform our lives. It is the only thing that rich do differently from the poor. You can also get success in any field by applying these habit.