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Wherever You Go There You Are Summary

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Jon Kabat-Zinn the author of twelve books and the international best-seller book, Wherever You Go There You Are, which has 4.6 stars rating on Amazon, shares his secrets on mindfulness guide.

Simple Short Summary: In Wherever you Go, There You Are, Jon Kabat-Zinn shows you a pathway to cultivate mindfulness in your lives so that you can become being rather than doing which helps you to observe and cherish every moment instead of living in the past, present, or in future.

Wherever You Go There You Are Summary

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In this book, Wherever You Go, There You Are, you’ll learn three lessons:

Lesson: A – Cultivate mindfulness by being lively and doing one thing at a time

Lesson: B – Starting with formal meditation to reach a mindfulness state

Lesson: C – Formal meditation is uneasy for you, try your hands on informal meditation

Cultivate mindfulness by being lively and doing one thing at a time

The purpose of mindfulness is to take control of your unconscious thought process. It’s essential to exercise mindfulness as you consistently do something and leave a limited territory for yourself to be you. Thus for embracing the present moment, you need to observe yourself.

Developing awareness helps you reunite all the aspects of yourself and show you the possibilities of radical change and growth. This makes mindfulness a powerful tool because it increases alertness of who you’re and gives you clarity.

Also, mindfulness enhances your happiness and joy and helps you understand yourself and your difficult emotions such as fear, grief, and sadness.

To develop mindfulness, you should begin with a being mode instead of a doing mode. Starting with being mode, you sit down in a quiet environment, observe your surroundings, and engage your senses such as seeing, feeling, and hearing. Now, as you focus on your breath, you improve your awareness in the active mode.

Other methods such as concentration and voluntary simplicity can also help you in practicing mindfulness.

In concentration, you divert your energy into one thing at a time and leave everything else’s behind that allows you to experience undisturbed peace. However, in voluntary simplicity, you choose one activity at one instance to engage yourself.

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Starting with formal meditation to reach a mindfulness state

In the formal meditation technique, you sit down with your back, neck, and your face straight in alignment with each other. For this meditation, your hand posture must be appropriate enough to allow energy flow.

So, when you sit with your palms down, it encourages a sense of grounding which means you feel centered and balanced despite what is going around you. And, when your palms position towards up, it helps you in gaining insight.

Note, you shouldn’t quest for a perfect sitting posture instead prefer one that pleases you.

Choose the time and place that suit you because coming out mindfully is essential. To perform the formal meditation, you set a specific time and put all the other activities on hold.

During meditation, you may feel to halt the process in the middle because of uneasiness of mind. Identifying this feeling can help you stay with it a little longer, and then you start to end the meditation.

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Formal meditation is uneasy for you, try your hands on informal meditation

If sitting down meditation is too tough for you, you can experiment with standing, walking, and even lying down meditation. In standing meditation, you stand still around a tree and close your eyes. Standing near the trees, listening to the surroundings, and feeling the existence of nature can reduce anger, and stress and help you to relax.

Moving to the next one, in walking meditation, you can walk either back and forth or in a circle. While moving from one place to another, you observe a leg or foot moment how you raise one foot and then another. This helps you to relax your mind.

The last meditation technique is lying down meditation for mindfulness. For performing this exercise, you lay down on the ground and focus on your body. Starting from toe to head, you focus individually on each muscle to calm and relax its energy.

Relaxing your muscle, you take a breath as if you’re taking it from your feet or toes and driving your breath inwardly into each body’s unit. With this, each cell is breathing, radiating, and releasing any pressing thoughts and energy.

Wherever You Go There You Are Review

The book Wherever you Go, There You Are is a guideline for meditation. In this, Jon talks about various kinds of meditation such as breathing, sitting, standing, walking, and everyday meditation.

It helps you to observe your thoughts and the amount of time you spend with them in daydreaming. Jon argues that it’s not good to press your thoughts while meditating. Many assume that meditation is a process in which you suppress thoughts to become peaceful.

To truly become tranquil, you’ve to allow your thoughts to pass through your mind quickly without judgment.

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