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Who Will Cry When You Die Summary


Who will cry when you die is written by Robin Sharma. The book consists of small chapters that help you to make little changes and make your life better.

Wake up Early.

Do you want to change your life? If yes! Wake up early.

It helps you to control your day rather than control by the day. Morning activities add more leisure hours in your day and urge you to do activities you love to do.

You can even polish your talent in morning hours, as this time, there is no one around you to disturb.

Precious time of day.

The First thirty minutes of a day is the most precious time. In morning hours, the thoughts you put in your mind will define your day. That’s why successful people read inspirational stories after waking up.

The qualities of thoughts you put in your mind, will define the quality of energy you have throughout the day.

State of mind.

You are not your thoughts, you are the creator of thoughts.

You can choose your thoughts. If you want to change, pay close attention to thoughts that are revolving in your head. Identify it and think either these thoughts working for you or against you.

The word you choose determines your thoughts. Thought lead feelings, feelings create your mood. So to develop a healthy mood. Start affirming positive thought throughout the day.

Make a list of your problem.

Make a list of problems to reduce burden from your conscious mind. The small act of writing problems develop inner peace and make you feel calm. It makes you feel like you share your problem with your closest friend.

Forgiveness, an act of kindness.

Forgiveness is a selffish act you can do to separate yourself from the burden of others.

Develop the habit of forgiveness; otherwise, your negative peer will draw your energy, peace of mind, and enthusiasm.

The moment you forgive other, who have done something wrong with you. You not only elevate the quality of your life but also generate inner peace.

Greet your trouble.

You feel worry, anxious, and irritate in life because of a difficult experience but, it is a blessing in disguise.

As can only reach your full potential when you are in stress.

Your character will not shape in life’s easiest experiences. but it will shape in life toughest experiences.

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The Environment you live in.

The environment plays a major role in thought process.

Take a look at your surrounding, the people you hang around with, the book you read, the words you speak, as this will re-shape your thought process.

The first step is to re-design your surrounding. For example, if you want to make a habit of drinking more water put the botter of water in every corner of the room.

Appreciate the Journey.

Reward is not that make you happy, but you cherris the person you become to reach your goals. The personality development takes place within you, is the greatest reward you ever achieve.

The path you take encourages you to develop new habits, discover new facts, and learn new things. All these are rewards in itself.

Self-discipline, a key to achieving mastery.

Self-discipline encourages you to do activities that you know, it is important to do but you never conjure up the courage to do it.

Without self-discipline, you will never achieve mastery.

Lacking self-discipline will cause you trouble in life. It helps you to live on your term rather than reacting on the terms of others and encourage you to do things whether you like it or not.

Develop a habit of solitude, a process of creating incredible ideas.

Solitude, a process of sitting in silence. It helps you to meet with the inner you.

Therefore, it increases brain performance.

You must add solitude activity in a day, at least for ten minutes. As it helps you to concentrate on the highest priorities of life.

Be Honest with others.

You live in a world where words do not matter.

First, you make a promise and then break it. Breaking promise reduces your credibility. This in term breaks the bonds of trust and end up a relationship.

A guide to have a healthy walk.

Step by step procedure to have a healthy walk.

  1. Do not plan your destination, just take the first step and immerse yourself in the pleasure of the walk.
  2. Second, leave your worries behind, do not take them with you.
  3. During walk pay close attention to the things around you.

Journal, a way to empty your thoughts.

Writing journal helps you to control your feelings, thoughts and make you a better person.

Writing down your daily experience and goals make you a wiser person.

It gives you a private room to create your dream and assists you to keep track of the actions you are taking on goals.

Plan little Worry Breaks.

You take breaks for coffee, lunch, and dinner. So why not develop a break for ‘worries’.

Taking worries break daily, help you to reduce stress.

Now the question arises, how it works? Make a break of thirty minutes.

In this, you can worry about the circumstances and issues going in your life.

In the end, move forward, leave the trouble behind and start doing something productive.

In today life, you spent an entire day in stress and dilute the other work. If you worry throughout the day, remind yourself you set a worry break.

However, you can also make a worry notebook, in which you can write the things that causing you trouble.

The Truth About News.

The truth is negative news sells more easily in society than positive news. The problem arises, as it is easy to get addict for watching negative news. Eliminating the habit of watching news will influence you in three ways.

  1. You will not miss important information as you can hear from your peer.
  2. You will feel inner peace. As you separate yourself from negativity.
  3. You will have more leisure hours.

Calling, Identify the reason for living.

Identify one thing to make your life better. Because you are here for some unique purpose, identify your purpose and start working on it. If you do not work on it.

Days pass into months and then years and in end, you will have nothing except sorrow in your heart.

Goals Setting, to transform your dream into reality.

The goal-setting helps you in three ways:

  1. Goal setting helps you focus on your key priority. Defining your goal reduce distraction as you know where you are going and where you want to reach. Then, it becomes a lot easier to choose activities and tasks to get there.
  2. Setting goals alert you to the opportunities that come in your path. The discipline you made to reach your destiny will attract the opportunities and circumstances to assist you to get there.
  3. Setting a goal inspires you to take action and move you in the direction of your goal rather than waiting for opportunities to pay a visit for you.

Create your Goal Card.

Many great leaders who ever walk on this planet had a goal card in their pocket.

In goal card, successful men and women write their motive of life(Goals). Creating a goal card and putting it in your pocket remind you the purpose of your life.

Collection of Quotes.

Quotes have the power to energies you and changes your mindset.

To develop the power of quotes, make a list of quotes and paste them on a refrigerator, car dashboard, and on the bold place, where you see them often enough.

Make a list of Hero’s.

Prepare a list of men and women you want to meet in your life. The author called this “Hero List”.

You can write the name of the business leaders, professional speakers, and celebrities.

As the law says “attention goes-energy flow”. Writing down the names of heroes will attract events that help you to do interaction with them.

Plan Mini Vacations.

You can develop the habit of taking mini-vacation daily.


Find out a quiet place in your home, where no one can disturb you, close your eyes, start taking a deep breath and calm your mind.

When you begin to feel relax. Imagine, you are on your favorite tour. Feel the wind on your face, hear the sound of birds, see the dazzling beauty of nature.

Doing this evokes your emotions and make you feel like you are on a vacation.

As subconscious mind do not understand the difference between, the visualization or the things you see in reality. It will act in the same way as subconscious mind do when you are on tour.

Find your mentor.

Success in business, relationship is the process of connecting dots.

To become successful, you should find out the habit, strategy, and discipline that others use to reach their goals. So, you can use the same strategy and skills to become successful.

Coaching is the best programs to teach yourself. As it reduces the failure chances and prevents you from the taking useless path.

Grow Your Talents.

The problem of this generation is people spend time focusing on their weakness rather than developing talent.

The fault is you are concentrating on the things you do not have. Therefore, it attracts the circumstances and condition, you are afraid of.

Instead, you should work on your strength and develop qualities that separate yourself from others.

Ask more, to get more in life.

To get more in life, you should ask more, demand more and work for more. If you do not ask anything, you will lose the ability to get more. Asking what you want, will create a chance to achieve it.

Plan a tour.

The best approach to live your life is to plan your life. You make a plan to earn more, so why not this time make a list of all the tours and activities you want to do in this year.

Start listening music.

Music can lift your mood and can put a smile on your face. Create a playlist of your favorite music that inspires and energizes you.

Each day count.

You might think one day a fairy tale come and hover a magic wand onto you, and you will become successful.

In reality, success does not visit you in one day, but it is a series of days, you work hard.

It takes days, months, or even year to change your life. However, you can make a decision within a minute, but months, years require to sustain the decision.

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Drink Fruit Juice.

The food you consume will define the quality of your thinking as well as the quality of your mood.

Eating unhealthy food not only affect your stomach but also cause conflict in your brain and reduce its performance and motivation level.

The one thing you can do to charge your batteries is to develop the habit of drinking juice.

Do kindness act for others.

Create a love tank in others around you and make a small contribution each day by helping people. This small act of kindness not only deepen the bond between you and others but also make you feel better.

Begin to push your limit.

The one things you will regret on a deathbed is the things you fear to do.

In the end, you will regret the opportunities you miss. As you are thinking about what others will say when you do what you love.

The author says, instead of, regretting on the deathbed. It is better to push your limit. To live the life of your dream, start doing the things you fear.

Concentrate on the Worthy.

In a study find out, the person focuses on a single task achieve a far better result than the one who focuses on multiple tasks.

Once you start spending your day doing a single task. You will see a far better result and the single activity separate you from the average person and makes you a worthy person.

Do what you love.

In a study of one hundred people, it finds out, people who are best in their respective field do what they love. As these people do not feel like they are working. They are simply enjoying their life.

Spread Happiness.

Everyone makes a plan to work, so why not make a plan to laugh more. As happiness decrease stress level, increase creativity and elevate the quality of mood.

Become a volunteer.

Become a volunteer in your field and start giving your services freely.

Spending a few hours of the weekend in helping others that have less fortunate than you. This gives you a chance to pay back the due you own in your journey.

Three Great Friends.

Friendship helps you to add more happiness in your life. A study shows that friend circle helps you to add laughter and reduce worry. However, good friends take time, patience, commitment, and energy.

Meditate, to enhance brain power.

You should make a habit to do meditation. It helps you to concentrate on a single task.

And if you cannot focus on a single task for a long time. You will not maintain discipline.

And, without discipline it becomes tough to pursue your goals.

What meditation does?

It trains your brain and ensures its better functioning. Meditation develops patience and helps you to become a better person, a better friend, and a better life partner.

Quit Complaining.

Stop complaining about the little things in your life. Instead, start taking baby steps to fix issues. If you are not happy with your life, and the environment you are in. Start improving on it.

Quit Condemning.

In this generation, condemning becomes a habit.

If you do not take action to fix it. Later, it causes trouble in your life.

You should take responsibility and develop a habit to respect the difference in the person, rather than blaming another person.

Increment Your Value.

It is not the fact, the more you work, the more you earn, but it defines, by the value, you add in other people life.

If you want to earn more, add more values. Develop a rare skill.

Because you will paid according to the value you add in other life instead of the time you work. Money is a symbol that describes how much value you add in other life.

Find your lane.

Find your lane because it is easy to follow other people paths. But in the end, you will regret. As you did not conjure up the courage to walk on your path.

Successful people know their desire and then start working on it. They do not follow others path.

Instead, they create their path. A path that helps them to live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life.

Make a Mastermind treaty.

Create a group of mastermind people. The purpose of creating a group is to add value to others life. Mastermind group not only reduce your learning curve but also add fun in learning.

Awareness Precedes Change.

You will not eliminate your weakness unless you know. The first step to eliminate your weakness is look the behavior you want to change.

Form Board of Directors.

Create an imaginary board of directories in your mind. Choose great people who ever walked on this planet.

The purpose of this council is to solve queries, taking advice from the people who had done mastery in their field.

Doing this not only boost your creative thinking but also help you to face a tough time with ease.

  • Ben Franklin for guidance on issues involving character.
  • Albert Schweitzer to remind me of the importance of service to others.
  • Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela for leadership issues.
  • Bruce Lee for advice on self-discipline.

Associate with Nature.

Start spending your time in nature. It helps you to boost your creativity and generate new ideas.

Be Kind to Stranger.

Your belief, to live a true life. You must achieve something great but is not completely true. The meaningful life creates by the series of kindness act you do for others.

Respect your time.

It is easy to say ‘yes’ than to say ‘no’.

Saying no, requires courage and how do you conjure up the courage to say ‘no’?

It is simple, when you do not plan your activities, others will schedule their activities in your time.

The most effective people have priorities and say ‘no’ to all the other things that arrive in their path.

Develop Exercise routine.

Develop the habit of exercise.

Your body is a temple you live in.

Exercise not only reduces stress-level but also boost creativity, and increase the ability of the brain to think clearly. So why not start doing exercise from today.

My Review:

I will recommend the book, who will cry when you die to the person who wants to make small changes in life. But, does not has the habit of reading a giant book. This small book can teach you many things in various aspects of life.

Above article is the extract version of the book “Who Will Cry When you Die? Life Lessons from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” written by “Robin Sharma”.

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