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Work the System Summary

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Simple Short Summary: Sam Carpenter comes up with a profound insight that shows that you must change the fundamental perception and view your business as well as other areas of your life as an interoperating system in which you can analyze, detect, and repair the dysfunctional parts to improve the business and quality of life.

Work the system Summary

(4 Min Read)

In this book, you will learn three lessons:

Lesson: A – Think from the system perspective to get things done effectively

Lesson: B – Use systems to improve your personal and work-life

Lesson: C – It is leader responsibility to ensure that the systems are working smoothly

Lesson: A – Think from the system perspective to get things done effectively

Think of a regular day, how many procedures you interact with. These procedures may be driving to work, parking lot traffic, increasing fuel prices, and doing chore work.

Thus, routines are all around us and influence what you can do in your day-to-day life. Perhaps, you mayn’t see that you engage with a routine, but there is an order to do everything.

So, rather than allowing routine to affect you, why don’t you do something to make it work for you?

Think from this perspective, nobody is assigned to run the world, even though everything works almost 99 percent of the time. You may ask, how it is possible?

Systems make it possible. Systems are a multitude of various parts that work together to carry out one thing in a most efficient and stable manner.

Without thinking, you engage with systems to get your work done. The purpose of the system is to work smoothly.

When the system malfunctions, it is because of human errors. Human beings tend to do things improperly. Remember, the poor outcome comes from multiple poor choices.

For instance, the financial crisis wasn’t a blind failure, but an outcome of a string of wrong decisions formed by people.

Furthermore, the way you evaluate whether the systems are operating as they should be is mainly subjective. Because the positive result largely relies on your viewpoints.

For instance, you may feel shocking after hearing a raise in gas prices. However, a nation that exports oil will consider the situation slightly different.

The situation can be changed. Possibly, the government can come up with a better scheme that is helpful for everyone.

Thus, you can say that you’ve the authority and by working on systems, you can get benefit from them.

Lesson: B – Use systems to improve your personal and work-life

Now, once you understand what is system, it is time to figure out how to implement this method to improve your personal and work life.

But before going to move further, you need to define your objective and its corresponding approach in detail. Knowing your objective helps you to form quality decisions.

Furthermore, it helps you to evaluate your choices with purpose. For example, without a compass, a captain of a ship can’t tell where the ship is going either it is running towards its destination or moving away.

More importantly, it is also essential that the captain must know the destination where he is taking the ship to. Likewise, if you don’t know your goal clearly, you won’t confirm that your choices are taking you towards your goal or drifting away.

You also need to understand that today’s troubles will light up future opportunities. So, you shouldn’t engage yourself in temporary problems solving approach, instead, reach to the core of your problem and repair it from there.

Doing this will guide you in spotting and mending problems that are causing trouble to your system. Your job, as a leader, is to ensure that the system works smoothly.

Thus, the problem you face will bestow you an opportunity and enhance the effectiveness of your system.

For instance, separating from your partner may look like the correct solution to your failed relationship. A year later, however, if you see yourself in the same situation, it means there is something wrong with your behavior.

In this case, look at your connection as an impaired system in which you’ve to identify the root cause. Once the problem is spotted, you can work on it. With this, you will be able to improve how you behave.

Heading: C – It is leader responsibility to ensure that the systems are working smoothly

A business is a complicated structure of various department that operates together. So, how do you cope up with this complicated structure?

For this, you can split your business into various subsystems and then assigning the supervision’s job to someone else’s.

Then, the logistics manager deals with logistics, the human resources manager deals with HR, the operation manager deals with operation, and sales manager deals with sales, and so forth.

This will give you more spare time to invest in a leadership role. Actually, a leader ensures that the plan is executed effectively, and the business brings the desired outcome.

The next question is, how do you manage to attend every meeting with these managers? Here, you need to map out the course of action that each department must follow.

It’s the leader’s responsibility to lay out the action plan that guides all the organization’s departments. So, your action plan must be accurate and highlight instructions and objectives.

Moreover, incorporating the system mindset will make you capable of creating specific objectives and game plans to evaluate your progress.

Work the system Review

Sam Carpenter owner of a profitable company Centratel, which had spent fifteen years hardly thriving. In those times, Sam lived on a coffee, took a little sleep, and worked 80 hours per week.

Luckily, he had a eureka moment. He realized that many systems were directing his personal and work life. And, once he was able to control and improve these systems, he would solve many problems.

With this new realization, Sam completely turned around his work and life. He no longer worked 80 hours per week.

In fact, he developed a method to diminish his eighty-hour workweek to a single hour while multiplying his bottom line income more than twenty-fold.

As you implement these strategies laid out in his book, you won’t only improve your personal and professional life but also be able to successfully reduced the stress from your life.

The good news was he laid out the exact process that he put in place to grow his business and generate the desired outcome. The book was Sam’s perspective, and you can even get the free E-book on the Sam website.

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