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You are a badass summary | Rystandard

  • The best thing you can do is to become rich. In this world, money is an effective tool to get power.
  • You cannot give what you do not have. To help others, you need to help yourself first.
  • If you allow yourself to earn that much amount of money, you need to live fully. It does not mean you are greedy. A healthy desire for wealth is not a desire for greed. You are not here to just survive. You are here to keep growing and do some awesome stuff that brings happiness to others people life. Greed comes from lack of mindset. It believes there is nothing more to do or you are not good enough to do something.
  • Everything you experience in your life either good or bad. It is the fruit of your beliefs. Thought to inspire emotions that inspire actions and form your reality. The more you feel something, the more you are going to believe it and hence create it.
  • Watch your mouth. Start noticing a type of thoughts you are talking from others. Every incoming and outgoing thought you say and belief then from that point, the universe will take it as a command and bring it into reality.
  • The money will always come to you through others people. However, it comes from universal intelligent. Instead of focusing people to earn money focus on the specific amount of money you want to earn.
  • To live your fullest allow yourself to experience what your heart desire.
  • Sensor: eyes, ears, nose, skin, and tongue help you to gather information. Start watching your sensor and see which kind of information they were feeding in your mind.
  • Doing one thing, creates urgency, increase your productivity and save more time to do other things.
  • Listen to your intuition, belief in-universe over the fear and have faith that you desire already exists.
  • Habits of most successful people are: meditation, exercise, constantly learning, focus, practice patience, take risk, set boundaries, giving something back, work smarter, and stay discipline.
  • The more you love yourself, the less crap you hold in.
  • Sitting in silence will create a fruit for your mind and soul.
  • The average folk spent more time to figure out the best angle to take a selfie. Instead of focusing on what she wants out of life, how much she will earn, and what to do to increase your income.
  • Your success influenced by the people you hang around with. It is better to hang around alone than with crap. Take the average income of five people you hang around with and you will definitely find yours.
  • Be conscious of what you love and start concentrating on things that add joy to your life. On the other side, ditch the bad things.
  • Many folk do not become wealthy is not because they do not have a good idea or opportunities. It is because they did not give permission to themselves to get rich.

Exercise to build your confidence muscles.

  1. Body posture.
  2. You will get what you give. So to become happy, gave a reason to others people to relish.

Actions to take

“Write down five positive words to describe wealth.
Start practicing of saying Thank you every time you get money. Whisper consciously money loves me.
Begin to practice solitude so that you can reach to the frequency of money.
Kept money all around your home at various place. Start whispering in your head. Money is all around me. I will go and take it.
List of all reason why you desire to become wealthy.
Make a list of awesome thing; you can do after becoming wealthy.
List: how you are going to help others.
List of five reasons you have faith in yourself.
Write ten things in the evening you are grateful for.
List of five reasons you have faith in-universe.”

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